Monday, April 30, 2012

I need a freaking fanfare.

BEDA's over. I can't say I'll miss it much. Maybe one day in September I'll realize how much I miss blogging every day, but not today.

I'm proud of myself. I actually got through with it, though 80% of my posts this month had some sort of BEDA complaining in it.

It's weird how long a month is, isn't it? A lot has happened this month. Some exciting stuff, some not-so-exciting stuff. It just feels like April was a lot longer than it seemed. Maybe BEDA was partially at fault for that. I don't know.

I'll kind of miss being able to blog about absolutely nothing, and still getting credit for a post. You can't do that outside of BEDA. Outside of BEDA, you have to have some structure or point to your post, or else you'll feel you wasted everyone's time. That's how I feel anyway. Maybe I'll actually miss blogging every day.

There's a monstrous fly zooming around my room being obnoxious. Someone get me a swatter.

Bye BEDA. It's been fun. See you next year. Maybe I'll appreciate you once you're gone.

By the way, you guys probably won't hear from me much this month. It's exam month for me, which means it's time for me to study. By study, I mean teach myself everything I was too lazy to learn this year. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with your exams but I actually thought April flew in!

  2. Congrats for finishing BEDA! And I wish you a 99% on each of your exams :)


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