Thursday, June 30, 2011

Give me some REAL food!

I used to be one of those kids that loved fast food. Like, anytime my mom would take me and my sister to McDonalds or Burger King would be a cause for celebration, and I loved their food more than anything. I used to wish that I could only eat french fries and cheeseburgers (haha, you know, the stereotypical American).

Now though, I can barely eat any of it. I mean, I eat it if I'm starving and haven't been home all day, but do I think it's delicious? Ugh, no, it's disgusting. I felt like every time I eat it, I gain 10 pounds of fat. Seriously, that poor quality hamburger meat, and salty greasy french fries? No thank you! A homecooked meal is so much better. I mean, how can something not taste better when your mom put in time and effort into making something you love. So much more delicious, not to mention more healthy.

So much better!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hop a Plane

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I've decided that I need a vacation.
Not like the normal family vacation that my whole family takes every year. I want it to be just me.
I mean, I'm not a loner, I love being with my family and my friends and everyone. I'm happy when I'm with people, but sometimes I feel like the only way I'll ever actually relax is if I go somewhere by myself. Everyone needs a little "me time"; that chance to be able to just think without any worries or distractions.

I want to find some isolated beach in the Florida Keys, or stand on a cliff overlooking the sea somewhere in the world.  I want to go on my own schedule and not worry about upsetting anyone if I make my own decisions.
I want to go to a famous museum and wander there all day, gazing at paintings without worrying about my sister complaining about how art is stupid.
I want to sit on a bench in a park in a big city and just people-watch (which some might consider mildly creepy).

I want to go places just to go; not to be a tourist, but a traveler. They say getting to your destination is more fun than the destination itself. I think that's true.

This post was a bit abstract, so apologies for that. I'm kind of in a dreamy state right now.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ah, Paranoia.

Today is one of those days. The day where I'm convinced that I'm a complete idiot and won't get into any college that I apply to because I'm not good enough. I can almost see the big bold word of REJECTION.

Can you believe it? School has just ended, and already I'm worrying about next year. Because next year is when I start all those stupid college applications (which are all due by freaking January 1st; so much for a lovely Christmas holiday). I don't even know where I'm applying. They (and by "they" I mean the stupid useless college help websites) recommend at least a handful of choices, but I can only think of two. One that's about 20 minutes from here, and then Cornell University.

I don't even know why I'm applying there. You have to be the son of a god to get in (or at least rich enough to donate a library to them). Maybe it's because it's the only place I think I'd ever want to go. I know so much about it, and it's only a couple hours from home. I know I won't get in though.

Looking back on this school year, I've realized something. It. Was. Hell. I worked so freaking hard, and I guess that reflects on my grades because they were the highest they've ever been. But my problem is I'm a perfectionist. For me, nothing is ever good enough. I got a 96 on a test? Well, why didn't I get a 98? I got a 98? Well, why didn't I get 100? It kills me, but I can't really change it.

And this whole year, I've just been asking myself, is it even worth it? I subjected myself to extremely high loads of stress (by my own choice, taking all those stupid advanced classes), but is all this work even going to matter? I won't get into my dream college anyways, and I'm just convinced I won't get into any college I even consider.

I walked into school at the beginning of junior year a happy, life-loving girl. I walked out at the end of the year with huge bags under my eyes and a hole in my heart. I miss the old me.

Sorry for this extremely depressing post, I just really had to get that off my chest.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

So this morning my mom walked into my room to find me singing and dancing to this:
How embarrassing.

Anyways, I've been listening to music so much lately, and I can safely and honestly say that I am in a complete affair with my iPod. Seriously, music just makes me so happy. I love that I have a song for everything: a song to listen to when I feel like dancing, a song to listen to when I'm sad and want to wallow in my sadness, a song to fall asleep to, just a song for every feeling.

I really fell in love with music last August. Before that, I felt kind of uninspired: I mostly listened to the garbage on the radio, but it really didn't cut it for me. Like, I didn't even want to listen to my iPod ever because I got tired of it so quickly. I mean, if you've listened to the radio before you (hopefully) know what I mean. In August (while I was in Europe to be specific; what better time?!), I discovered my now-favorite band, Muse, and it's just been an amazing journey ever since.

What I love most about music is just the variety! For a while, I was stuck mostly to one genre, but the best part is just finding something different than what you're used to and loving it! One second I can listen to something like Arctic Monkeys or The Wombats (British indie), then completely switch gears and jam out to Journey and Aerosmith (not to mention Elton John :P). And finding a new favorite band? Or when a favorite band releases a new album? Awesome.

Music is just so powerful. It can change lives, it helps people get through difficulties, pain, anything. It's pure art.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Does anyone else find this extremely hilarious?

I really think it's about time I get a life.
But this is just so darn funny!
I want a llama like that.

Lately I've just been in a great mood. I feel like this enormous load has been lifted off of me because school is over. Even though I'm still in the midst of taking final exams, I get like half day or even full day breaks in between, so I feel like summer really has begun.
Life was tough. Now I'm just floating on a cloud. La la la.

Yupp, I meant it literally. Snap.
Ah, another excruciatingly boring and random post. Let us just blame the exams. Or maybe I might have just gone insane. Whichever suits your fancy.

 Einstein was truly a genius. If there are any Pokenerds out there that got this, I truly love you and I hope you found this extremely true picture entertaining.
I think I've outdone myself with this randomness.
Einstein, you have been proven wrong; there one more thing that is infinite: Anna's capability of randomness.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ideal Fangirl

Everyone has an obsession. Whether it be pizza, shopping, or that hot lead singer of your favorite band (I'm lucky enough to have all three to obsess over). My favorite obsession, however, is this young man right here:
This is Miles. I'm only slightly in love with him. It could be worse.

Definition of a fangirl: A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor.
I think they forgot music artists/bands. Those are the best fangirls.

Anyways, there is nothing wrong with being a fangirl. We all have that disease slightly, whether it be obsessively watching youtube videos of the same band, having pictures of them on your phone, or even stalking their twitter in hopes that they post some lovely shirtless pictures of themselves (not that I do that or anything).

Becoming the ideal fangirl, however, is a step-by-step process. In this blog post, I will be revealing these steps, and before you know it, you will become as obsessed with someone as I am!

Step One: Choosing the Right Guy
Choosing the right man to obsess over is quite difficult, seeing as you will be spending quite some time with him. When choosing one, make sure he fulfills these requirements:
-he must be, in your eyes, the sexiest man alive (one must be able to use the word 'sexy' when referring to him)
-he must not be extremely popular with the younger generations (as in, Taylor Lautner or Justin Bieber). You don't want to be shunned by everyone you know. The Beatles are the only exception to this rule.
-he must actually be talented, whether it be singing/guitar playing/acting
-you must actually like his work (for example, I adore Miles because his music is so great)

Step Two: Knowing Basic Facts
You must:
-know his full name (Miles Peter Kane; oh no, that's not creepy at all)
-know his age and birthday ( March 17, 1986 age 25; hey, that's my sister's birthday!)
-check his Twitter/Facebook pages at least somewhat regularly
-know the number of albums he has released, and any other bands he has been associated with (this is especially important if you want to express yourself as a true fan) or the more recognizable movies he has been in
-actually own the albums
-read at least a couple interviews to be somewhat familiar with his motives, his goals, his future

Step Three: The Fangirl Stage
This is the final, most important stage; this is what transforms you from good fan into fangirl. This, in the eyes of others, is the creepy stage, but of course, you know it is quite fine and healthy.
-you get excited at any mention of their name, whether it be in commercial, news program or a conversation amongst your friends, to which you begin jumping up and down and shouting "OMG OMG OMG MILES KANE!" (again, this is in no way related to myself!)
-all of your closest friends (and maybe even people you don't know well) know of your obsession
-you go into denial when people describe you as "obsessed" (I certainly am not)
-you reblog just about every cute picture of them on tumblr and virtually gush about how amazing he is
-you've seen just about every music video/movie of them and have memorized every word/movement/quirk
-you hope that one day your boyfriend and/or husband will be just like him
-you get angry when anyone insults him in any way and insist he is perfect
-you dream about how you'd react if you actually met him
-you stood outside the backdoors of the concert hall for 3 hours in hopes of catching a glimpse of him (this is only the most extreme of cases)

So there you have it! If you follow these steps, you should become the Ideal Fangirl in no time! Oh, and remember, this is from my observations of others. This is in every no way related to myself. Have fun! OH, and if you get the chance, actually check out Miles' music. He really is good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

You'll see them someday..

So, school is almost over for me-just a few exams left. I can't believe it, but I'm sad. Only because of my friends though.
I'm going to miss them so much.
I mean, I'll still see them alot over the summer, but it won't be the same as seeing them in almost every class, every single day for school (and on weekends outside of school). We'll all be going on vacations, and everyone will have plans and such. We just won't all be able to get together every single day.
I honestly think my friends were the reason I enjoyed this year. I certainly didn't enjoy the academic part of it, and my friends made it all easier. No matter how much stress we were under in school, we always managed to have fun together and make jokes about how terrible our lives were (jokingly of course).

I can't imagine how difficult graduation will be next year. If I'm struggling now, how am I going to be able to say goodbye for good? "Oh hey, it was nice knowing you. Hopefully I'll see you eventually!"
Growing up sucks.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little things mean a lot

I was seriously debating whether I should post this or not. It feels like my blog is so repetitive, with either rants or dreams. I'm really sorry if I bore any of you. I'm trying to be more original.
So anyways, I want to...

-dance the night away, waltzing in a beautiful gown with some lovely man in a suit to a pretend Frank Sinatra singing "L, is for the way you look at me; O, is for the only one I see; V, is very very, extraordinary" get the point
Well, I imagined him a bit younger, but this will do

-have a bicycle race through the aisles of Walmart (that's like an everything store, in case you don't know)
-be a street performer, playing music in London or something
-dress up as a secret agent in a supermarket and run from aisle to aisle to the "Mission Impossible" theme
-go crowd surfing at Glastonbury Music Festival
-fool someone into thinking I'm French with my faux French accent
-travel through Europe by myself-just me and my backpack (and all the people I meet along the way)
-have a picnic in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower
-burst out into dance in a public area
-sing "Singin' in the Rain" in the rain, complete with a magic yellow umbrella
-have a Harry Potter duel at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
-kiss my dream guy at sunset next to the River Seine (the magic river of Paris)
-visit Platform 9 3/4 at London's King's Cross Train Station and attempt to get to the platform
-walk down Abbey Road, mimicking the Beatles while simultaneously trying to avoid getting hit by a car
-pass out smiley face stickers in a busy street
-sing off-key to random people on the street
-get into an argument with someone in a foreign language, just because I can
-go diving down the Great Barrier Reef
-go to a Paul McCartney concert
-meet as many crazy and amazing people as I can in the world

I realize most of these are extremely embarrassing, and some even unrealistic, but I truly want to do each and every single one of these things. For most of these I'll have to rely on my crazy friends to help me out, because nothing is embarrassing with your friends! Again, I'm sorry for my boring and cheesy "dream posts"!

 Bahahaha, the things you find on the internet. Beatles meet Disney!
Aaaahhh sorry for the length of this post. I need to work on length :P

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things I'm loving right now...

-the fact that today it was 96 degrees F, the hottest day we've had in over a year (though I'm also annoyed by it)
-my friends-they're really helping me out right now, because I'm really struggling with the stress of finals in school
-my family-I honestly don't know why they haven't kicked me out of the house yet, I've been (for lack of a better word) a complete bitch to them this whole week with all the stress I'm going through
-the lead singer of this band (the guy in the center). Complete sexiness. Oh, and the band too. They're awesome, and their new album cover has a freaking parrot on it. Coolness.
-Toucans. Seriously, aren't they the most adorable things you have ever seen? I'm obsessed with them. I want a pet toucan so I can name him Zanzibar. Yes, Zanzibar.
-my iPod. I just downloaded like three or four new albums on it, so even studying is more fun because I have something new and fresh to listen to.
-the fact that after about 6 months of forgetting to return the DVDs I rented online from Netflix, I finally actually returned them. I should be getting Inception tomorrow.
-Zazu from the Lion King. Perhaps it's a coincidence that he's a toucan?
-all the new movies that are coming out this summer, beyond the obvious Harry Potter. I'm talking about the chick flicks-like Crazy Stupid Love. That might just be because my favorite song is in the preview though :P
-my parents are starting to look for a car for me, particularly the car I most want-a Toyota Prius. It's really too nice of them to get a car for me. I feel guilty because I'm just being a bum and not getting a job to help that out.
these puppies
-the fact that school is almost over
-the idea that I'll actually have free time soon
-how long and random this post is
-I'm happy

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I will one day shine with you.

In my despairing week with the end of school, I've been listening to alot of this new band called The Vaccines. They're pretty big in the UK indie music scene, and since that's my favorite genre, obviously I'm in on it ;D
They're seriously really good though, I can't stop listening to all of their songs. Luckily, last week their album came out in the US, so I'm pretty happy.

Both are pretty awesome. Some might complain they lack lyrical genius, but this is pure music. Great to listen to, lyrics aren't confusing or falsely attempting to be deep. Just love them.

On the other hand...

Yes, I know I'm very mature.
Oh, and by the way, I probably won't blog much this week. I'll be practically killing myself with final projects, which are really stressing me out. I'll probably still comment on your lovely blogs though, so wait for me!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Never Say No to Panda!

I'm too drained and exhausted to post anything moderately bearable to read, so I'll just leave you with this video. It's made everyone I've showed it to so far laugh, so I'd say it's worth the few minutes: