Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

So this morning my mom walked into my room to find me singing and dancing to this:
How embarrassing.

Anyways, I've been listening to music so much lately, and I can safely and honestly say that I am in a complete affair with my iPod. Seriously, music just makes me so happy. I love that I have a song for everything: a song to listen to when I feel like dancing, a song to listen to when I'm sad and want to wallow in my sadness, a song to fall asleep to, just a song for every feeling.

I really fell in love with music last August. Before that, I felt kind of uninspired: I mostly listened to the garbage on the radio, but it really didn't cut it for me. Like, I didn't even want to listen to my iPod ever because I got tired of it so quickly. I mean, if you've listened to the radio before you (hopefully) know what I mean. In August (while I was in Europe to be specific; what better time?!), I discovered my now-favorite band, Muse, and it's just been an amazing journey ever since.

What I love most about music is just the variety! For a while, I was stuck mostly to one genre, but the best part is just finding something different than what you're used to and loving it! One second I can listen to something like Arctic Monkeys or The Wombats (British indie), then completely switch gears and jam out to Journey and Aerosmith (not to mention Elton John :P). And finding a new favorite band? Or when a favorite band releases a new album? Awesome.

Music is just so powerful. It can change lives, it helps people get through difficulties, pain, anything. It's pure art.


  1. Oh so true. Music is so powerful. And I can relate to songs more than I do on books. Like, sometimes.. I feel like that song is made just for me.. Songs can best decribe what I feel most of the time.. either the melody or the lyrics..

    Music can change lives, indeed.

    A simple and nice post. Good day. :)

  2. I love listening to my ipod but I think its important to listen to the radio too whenever possible because that is where I find new music - which means that I can actually update my ipod now and again lol!

  3. I have a friend who really isn't interested in music at ALL and I just don't get it (fortunately my other friends are pretty crazy about music too so we're constantly swapping songs and making CDs for each other)

    I really love how music can totally tap into your mood, you can just zone out and be transported by it. I'll do a rant on people who are completely into "indie" music at one point though - I actually love a lot of indie music - but the snobby attitude that goes with it is annoying sometimes.

    Sorry for the mini-essay :P

  4. That's wonderful that music makes you feel that way! I totally know what you mean about radio music. Blegh. I don't even turn the radio on any more unless I'm just having one of those spur-of-the-moment dance parties with my friends. ONLY THEN is top 40s worth listening to lol


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