Friday, September 30, 2011

Silly little things...

I found that on tumblr today and thought you all might enjoy it. Which one's your favorite?

Sorry for this lame excuse of a post. I have my SATs tomorrow, so I'm kind of dead. Anxious test-taker right here.

I finally got my school senior portraits taken! I'll post up a few next post. I got them taken at a college campus library. I have to say, I felt very hipster choosing to take my portraits in a college library. But not really. Reading is too mainstream for hipsters.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I love how I get most of my blogging inspiration right before I go to bed.

Why is it that when I want to be inspired, I'm not, but when I have other things to do (like sleep) I get a bunch of ideas that cannot be ignored? Brain, you're killing me...

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me. Why am I not like other people my age? What went wrong with my brain?

Last week we watched All Quiet on the Western Front in history class, which was made in like the 1930s. I loved the movie; it was just a beautiful film that I would consider a work of art. But when my friends and I were talking about it a couple of days ago, they all said it was horrible. The acting was terrible, the effects were awful, and it was just a piece of crap. I honestly felt like crying. Do you not realize that acting has changed drastically over the past 70 years or are you just that ignorant?

I'm the only one I know that loves old movies. Why am I like that though? Why am I more content to watch Casablanca than a cliche modern chick flick? I don't even understand myself. Even my best friend who I relate to most would never agree to watch anything that was made beyond 1997 with me.

And I love literature. Yeah, I'm talking about reading Moby Dick for fun. I go to Barnes & Noble and spend two hours trying to figure out which 3 books to get on the "Buy Two Get One Free" sale, and end up walking out with Shakespeare's King Lear, Grimm's Fairy Tales and The Three Musketeers. 

I'm not saying any of this because I want to brag about how unique I am, even though you may think that. You know, like those crazy hipsters who like to hang around in foreign film cinemas and complain about how mainstream the world is. Trust me, I'm not a part of that charade.

Sometimes it's tough letting people get to know you because you're so afraid that when they really start learning about you, they'll think you're a freak. But it's even worse trying to hide it and pretending that you  watch Teen Mom religiously and all that nonsense. Some people try to embrace uniqueness, I don't even know how to deal with it. Lord, I sound whiny, don't I?

I have no idea why I wrote this, but I hope someone (anyone?) can relate at least a little to it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bigmouth Strikes Again

So yesterday, my mom was begging my sister and I to remember our manners and try to be polite in front of Alex. In response to that, I said sarcastically "why? Maybe if I act like a complete bitch in front of him, he'll leave sooner!"

Mother wasn't amused. I love being a bitch sometimes.

Anyways, you won't be getting an angsty post from me today! I actually found this absolutely adorable picture on weheartit a couple days ago, and I'm just in love with it:

This picture says so much. It makes me think they're in a long-distance relationship. Look at the girl's smile-she looks so happy. I do love the idea of long-distance relationships (the successful ones, anyway). In the successful ones, both the boy and the girl are so committed. They cherish each moment together because they don't know the next time they'll see each other. Take the above picture; I imagine they don't see each other every day, and because they wish they could be together when they fall asleep, they try the next best thing. It shows dedication and loyalty.

I imagine it's heartbreaking as well though; not getting to see the person you want to see more than anything. But I think it makes it even more worthwhile when they finally do. Maybe it's just unrealistic, romantic me. I still think the picture is adorable though.

What do you guys think of the new Facebook? Personally, I hate it. I hate the fact that now, any websites you're connected to through Facebook reveal everything on your Newsfeed. So if I'm listening to music on Pandora, it will reveal every song I listened to. It's ridiculous that Facebook is looking beyond our privacy needs completely now. At least they could have told us their new plans; I feel like we're just the big corporate product these days. I'm considering trying the new Google+. It seems more promising.

And now for a bit of comedy: guess where I'm applying, guys! Brown University. *cue laughter* Guess what their acceptance rate is? 10%. Ahahaha I'm such a joke.

I've been thinking hard the past few days about my favorite Disney movie, and I've finally come to a decision: Peter Pan. What's your favorite Disney movie? I'm dying to know!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A red tropical parrot might just help right now..

I'm a terrible blogger, I know. Sorry for being MIA.

I'm miserable. Absolutely miserable. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. I don't even know where to begin. It's not a collection of things,  it's just one thing; one person.

Sunday afternoon, someone new moved into our house: my dad's best friend's 21 year old son, Alex. He came to the States a few months ago from Russia, but moved here because he's going to be living in America for a while, so my parents let him stay at our house till he can get his future figured out.

Except they never agreed to it. My mom especially wasn't keen on the idea, but of course neither of them could say no out of respect. I was hesitant to the idea, because who really wants some guy they've never met come live with them? Now that he's living with us though, I can't stand it. I literally dread coming home from school every day.

We are so different it's ridiculous. I'm a slob, he's a neat-freak. He did all our dishes yesterday, without being asked! What kind of guy does that? If I ever asked my older brother to do the dishes, I'm pretty sure he'd throw a plate at me. And then comes the issue of humor, and the fact that I don't think he even has a sense of humor. This is especially difficult for me, because the majority of my relationships with people are founded on humor. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MAINTAIN A CONVERSATION WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SARCASM? I tried, but he didn't get it.

I know, I know. Those are lame reasons for not liking a person, but it is unbelievably difficult to get used to someone intruding into your way of life. My whole life, I have been surrounded by three other people: my mom, my grandma, and my little sister. My dad was always out on the road working (he's a truck driver), and my brother was always going out, so it was mostly "us girls". It's really difficult to adjust from being just girls in the home to a sudden male that isn't my brother nor my father.

And then I find out that he's not planning on leaving soon. A month or two I could still take, but Lord knows when he's leaving. We assumed eventually he'd head off to NYC, because there are a lot of Russian immigrants there (like my cousin) and he's guaranteed to find a job easily, but  he doesn't want to. He wants to stay in our city, in our house, until he can get himself a job and enough money to rent a place of his own somewhere nearby.

Our city has a ridiculously high unemployment rate.

I guess this is how the child of a divorced parent feels when they find out they're remarrying. Absolute resentment. I don't even feel comfortable in my own house anymore (can you tell I don't adjust well to change?). I want things back to normal. I feel awful for being a whiny, snobby bitch, especially here on Blogger, but it's really the only thing that occupies my thoughts right now.

 That tharr be mah future parrot, Rupert. Doesn't he look defiant? I'm trying to convince my mom that since I had to sacrifice my homely comfort for some random guy, she has to get me a pet.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks...

Have you guys heard that song? Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People? If not, here you go:

It's a catchy tune, I'll give them that. Very much my style, but the lyrics disturb me. It's basically about a boy who goes on a shooting spree, shooting all the kids with the "pumped up kicks" (or cool shoes) and his abusive father.

The reason I'm writing about this is because it's a hugely popular song here in the United States right now. It's all over our Top 40 radio stations (which I avoid like the plague usually). The interesting thing is it's so different from what is usually played on that station, because it actually seems good. It's nice to see an indie band making it big.

Not this song though. Do most people not listen to the lyrics? Why is it that all of the great indie bands, this song had to make it big, when it talks about shooting kids? I mean, I'll bet Mark Foster had some inspiration from the shootings we've had in the US, but really? What is this obsession that people have with songs that talk about drugs, sex and violence? Listen to the radio for 5 minutes and you'll hear for yourself.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ah cha cha!

Is it me, or is this generation extremely awkward? Okay, maybe only like 15% of the human population is awkward (it's funny how much my life is defined by statistics), but there's no better way to prove truly how awkward I am than the first day of school.

You see, when you spend the whole summer sitting on Facebook chat and hanging out with people exactly like you, you forget what it's like in the real world. You forget that you can sing this in public or crack jokes like this:

Q: How did the political science major define free radical on his chemistry exam?
A: A wild protestor. 

Er, yeah. I'm that awkward.

There is no better day to realize just how incredibly awkward you are than the first day of school. You walk into class, and the teacher asks each of you to write one thing you love to do on an index card. Most people wrote sports, or hanging out with friends.

I wrote "I love to travel". Lame. So lame.

The best thing, however, is when your health teacher gives each of you a question and "interview" a couple students you don't know. As if the situation couldn't be any more awkward,  I was given the question "do you think New York should legalize marijuana? Why or why not?" It wouldn't be awkward if 90% of my school didn't smoke pot like it's the air they breathe.

All I could say was "hugs, not drugs". Feel free to cringe.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer, you treated me well

Has anyone seen 500 Days of Summer? If you haven't, watch it. Make sure to consume monstrous amounts of ice cream while watching too, because it gives you a self-pity kind of feeling. At least for me anyways. It has great music too. I've always wanted someone ridiculously good-looking to stop me and ask about the artist I'm listening to.

It's my last day in Florida. I think this was one of the best visits I've ever had. Particularly because of this second hotel I've been in the past week. It has a waterpark and the beach is close and everything. What I love about traveling most is not the waterpark though; it's the people. I love meeting people more than anything. Everyone has their own story, their own home and their own reasons for coming. Yet somehow there's a bond that forms between everyone, especially because it wasn't too crowded. Even the people I didn't actually talk to became familiar faces, and I'm going to miss them all.

It also doesn't help that I met a guy there. His name was Mike.

My flight is early tomorrow, then back to school on Wednesday. To everyone who's started already, I hope you have an exciting and educational fun year. I know I won't.

Oh by the way, I lost a follower. I'm devastated, so I insist that you investigate the identity of this horrible culprit and terrorize them with excessive hate mail. Or you can just spam them with this:

And they said human hipsters were bad. Don't fall victim to his feline cuteness; deep down he is a vicious hipster that will tear you apart with his elitist claws.

God, I suck at humor.