Thursday, September 29, 2011

I love how I get most of my blogging inspiration right before I go to bed.

Why is it that when I want to be inspired, I'm not, but when I have other things to do (like sleep) I get a bunch of ideas that cannot be ignored? Brain, you're killing me...

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me. Why am I not like other people my age? What went wrong with my brain?

Last week we watched All Quiet on the Western Front in history class, which was made in like the 1930s. I loved the movie; it was just a beautiful film that I would consider a work of art. But when my friends and I were talking about it a couple of days ago, they all said it was horrible. The acting was terrible, the effects were awful, and it was just a piece of crap. I honestly felt like crying. Do you not realize that acting has changed drastically over the past 70 years or are you just that ignorant?

I'm the only one I know that loves old movies. Why am I like that though? Why am I more content to watch Casablanca than a cliche modern chick flick? I don't even understand myself. Even my best friend who I relate to most would never agree to watch anything that was made beyond 1997 with me.

And I love literature. Yeah, I'm talking about reading Moby Dick for fun. I go to Barnes & Noble and spend two hours trying to figure out which 3 books to get on the "Buy Two Get One Free" sale, and end up walking out with Shakespeare's King Lear, Grimm's Fairy Tales and The Three Musketeers. 

I'm not saying any of this because I want to brag about how unique I am, even though you may think that. You know, like those crazy hipsters who like to hang around in foreign film cinemas and complain about how mainstream the world is. Trust me, I'm not a part of that charade.

Sometimes it's tough letting people get to know you because you're so afraid that when they really start learning about you, they'll think you're a freak. But it's even worse trying to hide it and pretending that you  watch Teen Mom religiously and all that nonsense. Some people try to embrace uniqueness, I don't even know how to deal with it. Lord, I sound whiny, don't I?

I have no idea why I wrote this, but I hope someone (anyone?) can relate at least a little to it.


  1. I used to feel like this all the time. Though now I'm starting to embrace who I am and what I like and if people can't accept that then screw them. I'm not going to change for anyone so why should you?

  2. I know what you mean and all I can say is that you'll eventually stop asking yourself these questions and surround yourself with people who are more like you. It's a natural process.

  3. Hazel and Sabrina are right. I've got a bunch of classic literature myself, and although I'm not huge on old movies I do enjoy some. That's good that you have a wider, or more accepting taste in art.

  4. You just don't have met a lot of people like you yet. :D - Just go around and meet new people. You'll find many people who have nearly the same interests as you.

    The people in my class would call me Mad because I knew more about all the tech stuff then they do.
    But that doesn't really make me unique. 'cos I know there are millions of other like me :P.

    It's just process of founding what you are and what have you become.

    And I don't really like my brain. I think of the most awesome ideas right when I'm going to sleep and when I wake up - I don't remember anything. (I'm too lazy to get up and right it)
    Beware -Soon you'll be surrounded by People who like what you like ;)

  5. trust me, we all have our little things that make us different from everyone else. Even the most seeming normal and mainstream folks have their likes others may consider as weird.
    Dnt beat yourself up, there's nothing wrong with having a different opinion than most other ppl..being unique shld be embraced :)

  6. My brain never stops before I'm going to sleep either! And, I'll be like - 'I'll post about that tomorrow'! However, I normally forget all about it if I don't write it down. And, I love watching old films too :)


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