Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh happy day

Guys, college is pretty great.

Seriously, it's pretty great.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. Oddly enough, I'm actually pretty excited. All of the classes I'm taking are pretty interesting. Currently I'm enrolled in Intro to International Relations, Astronomy, French, and a Medieval Literature Freshman Writing Seminar. I'm looking forward to them.

BUT WAIT. I lied. I'm taking one more course. I'm so excited about it that every time I think about it, I squeal like a little girl. An hour ago, I was given special permission to take a 300 level FILM-MAKING course. Yes, you heard me! A junior-level course on cinematography. Before today, I was disappointed because while my classes all seemed somewhat interesting, there was no class that I was seriously interested in. The rest of the courses I have are just to fulfill degree requirements. This film course is just because I want to. A group of us also took a tour of the performing arts center where all the classes are held and the film studios are awesome!

I'm a little nervous because I think I'm not qualified enough to take this course, but the directors of the program assured me there's nothing to worry about. I'll talk to the instructor tomorrow and see what he thinks. But right now, I feel as if my dream is coming true. I thought I'd have to wait another year before I could start to take some film courses, but it turns out that I can take them now.

I'm sorry for constantly pestering you guys about my passion for film and my dream of becoming a filmmaker, but it's just so exciting for me. I'll probably never become famous. I don't even know if I'm talented enough for it. We'll see. I'll update soon with some more details about college and how I'm doing in general.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So much confusion

I leave in less than 48 hours. Only 2 nights left at home.

I've been spending a lot of time this week hanging out with friends, which is bad because I really should be packing. I have so much left to do. My room is a disaster. I can't see my floor.

This entire week has been filled both with excitement and dread. I'm sure anyone that's experienced going away to college understands. Has anyone else struggled with oversensitive "oh-no-my-baby's-all-grown-up" mothers? She's bought me so much stuff, half of which I could have just as easily bought at any store in Ithaca. She bought me 3 bulk packs of snacks, even when I told her not to! I'm honestly embarrassed to even arrive on campus. Everyone will probably have brought half of the amount of stuff I'm bringing.

The dread of going away mostly comes from the fact that I don't want summer to end. I've been watching so many movies (not to mention all the Seinfeld reruns). I'm so unsure of how much free time I'll have in college. Will I have time to watch movies anymore? Will I have time to watch Seinfeld? (Yes, Seinfeld is my new obsession).

I'm throwing in a picture because there's too much text

I guess it's overwhelming because I've spent so many months putting the thought of college out of my head. I always thought "eh, it's still so far away, so there's no point in thinking about it". Yeah. Bad idea. Future college students: don't do that. It leaves you rushing the last week trying to find everything the stores ran out of a month ago.

The scary part is that there's this growing part of me that kind of wishes I'd gone to school in New York City. It's shocking, because I've wanted to go to Cornell for years. My friend from school is going to NYU, and the idea of living in the middle of Manhattan seems exciting. I guess I'm just jealous. I mean, I've always dreamt of living in a big city, and it's odd that I decided to go to college in a small town. I love Cornell, don't get me wrong. It's just...confusing, I guess.

On the bright side, I think I've decided that I'll be majoring in film. It's really exciting to imagine. I can feel that this is something that might just become my future.

Friday, August 10, 2012

One more week

In exactly one week, I'll be getting ready to spend my first night in college. I'll be living with a roommate, in a building surrounded by almost 200 other people. It's hard to even imagine.

Today I finally went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. I bought sheets and pillowcases and organizers and useless little trinkets. For the first time ever, I started to think about thread counts and sheet sizes and mattress dimensions. It's all very overwhelming.

I'm living in a fantastic dorm. I think that's what I'm most excited about. I'm living in a residence hall specifically devoted to the arts, and to arts-lovers. We have our own theatre with tons of annual theatrical productions. We have a darkroom, an art studio, a recording studio, an art shop, and several piano rooms. We have almost 200 people dedicated to theatre or art or music, or people that love surrounding themselves with those kinds of people.

Oh yeah, and it looks like a castle.

...with a dining hall that looks like the Great Hall.

...which also has an annual Harry Potter night, when four long tables are set up and everyone dresses up like wizards and witches.

This is what I have to look forward to. It's all hard to take in, but I'm actually very excited. I'm anxious and ecstatic for this new chapter of my life to begin.