Friday, August 10, 2012

One more week

In exactly one week, I'll be getting ready to spend my first night in college. I'll be living with a roommate, in a building surrounded by almost 200 other people. It's hard to even imagine.

Today I finally went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. I bought sheets and pillowcases and organizers and useless little trinkets. For the first time ever, I started to think about thread counts and sheet sizes and mattress dimensions. It's all very overwhelming.

I'm living in a fantastic dorm. I think that's what I'm most excited about. I'm living in a residence hall specifically devoted to the arts, and to arts-lovers. We have our own theatre with tons of annual theatrical productions. We have a darkroom, an art studio, a recording studio, an art shop, and several piano rooms. We have almost 200 people dedicated to theatre or art or music, or people that love surrounding themselves with those kinds of people.

Oh yeah, and it looks like a castle.

...with a dining hall that looks like the Great Hall.

...which also has an annual Harry Potter night, when four long tables are set up and everyone dresses up like wizards and witches.

This is what I have to look forward to. It's all hard to take in, but I'm actually very excited. I'm anxious and ecstatic for this new chapter of my life to begin.


  1. OH MY GOSH. It looks like you are moving into Hogwarts. It really does. I am so jealous. Seriously. The Harry Potter night looks incredibly awesome.

    Can I come? I'll be no hassle.

  2. Aww that place looks amazing, exactly the place I would love to study in! I hope you have more fun at college than I'm having lol!

  3. I'am really really really really jealous. Nuff said.

  4. That place looks gorgeous. You're soo lucky.


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