About Me

Hi! I'm Yana (I like to be called by my middle name, Anna, sometimes though). I'm from a small rural town outside Rochester, NY, which I refer to as a small town, when in reality, it's the third biggest city in NY state. I now live in Ithaca, NY, though, where I go to Cornell University. I'm 17 years old.

I like simple things. Give me a nice hot cup of tea and three seasons of Seinfeld on DVD and I'll be willing to marry you. I also eat like a horse, so send me a muffin (or ten) while you're at it.

All in all, if you constantly remind me I'm pretty, I'm sure we'll be great friends. Unless you insult my music taste. Kidding! :)

I have a very cluttered mind that doesn't like to think with punctuation. I have an Arctic Monkeys song stuck in my head 95% of the time, or else I'm pondering On the Road, my favorite book.

I love a bunch of things, which will probably help you get an idea of what an enormous fangirl I am about, well, everything:

Seinfeld, The Office, Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Harry Potter, any book you list, the Big Bang Theory, Top Gear, cake, cookies, sarcasm, Paul McCartney's face, George Harrison, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Muse, The Smiths, Simon & Garfunkel, tumblr, troll face, memes, thunderstorms, literature, the word "bro", Shakespeare, cool accents, stuff that makes me laugh, penguins, parrots, writing, sarcastically answering "Jesus knows" to any question, reading for 10 hours straight, music, a large assortment of movies, Italian food, every other kind of food, the relevance every Coldplay song has to my life and you, if you're willing to accept my awkwardness and read my blog.