Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bigmouth Strikes Again

So yesterday, my mom was begging my sister and I to remember our manners and try to be polite in front of Alex. In response to that, I said sarcastically "why? Maybe if I act like a complete bitch in front of him, he'll leave sooner!"

Mother wasn't amused. I love being a bitch sometimes.

Anyways, you won't be getting an angsty post from me today! I actually found this absolutely adorable picture on weheartit a couple days ago, and I'm just in love with it:

This picture says so much. It makes me think they're in a long-distance relationship. Look at the girl's smile-she looks so happy. I do love the idea of long-distance relationships (the successful ones, anyway). In the successful ones, both the boy and the girl are so committed. They cherish each moment together because they don't know the next time they'll see each other. Take the above picture; I imagine they don't see each other every day, and because they wish they could be together when they fall asleep, they try the next best thing. It shows dedication and loyalty.

I imagine it's heartbreaking as well though; not getting to see the person you want to see more than anything. But I think it makes it even more worthwhile when they finally do. Maybe it's just unrealistic, romantic me. I still think the picture is adorable though.

What do you guys think of the new Facebook? Personally, I hate it. I hate the fact that now, any websites you're connected to through Facebook reveal everything on your Newsfeed. So if I'm listening to music on Pandora, it will reveal every song I listened to. It's ridiculous that Facebook is looking beyond our privacy needs completely now. At least they could have told us their new plans; I feel like we're just the big corporate product these days. I'm considering trying the new Google+. It seems more promising.

And now for a bit of comedy: guess where I'm applying, guys! Brown University. *cue laughter* Guess what their acceptance rate is? 10%. Ahahaha I'm such a joke.

I've been thinking hard the past few days about my favorite Disney movie, and I've finally come to a decision: Peter Pan. What's your favorite Disney movie? I'm dying to know!


  1. You know that you can customize the privacy settings on Facebook? don't you?

    And I knew about the Facebook change days before it even got changed. The f8 developer collab that was going to happen.

    And the new facebook is completely good. I don't love Facebook but I don't hate it either. I can surely say that the new Facebook features are awesome. You can customize it as much as you can.

    It is not a privacy breach by any means. YOU still control what you share.

  2. I've been in a long distance relationship and everything you said is right. When you're together you want to do everything together and when you're apart your heart is with that other person. I thought the hardest was then my girlfriend when through a few bad times when I wasn't there and could only talk to her from many miles away.

    As for Disney movie, probably Little Mermaid. (not counting any Pixar movies).

    And don't worry I'm sure that guy can pick up on the fact that you don't want him there. Maybe ease up a bit.

  3. The Lion King without a doubt!!

    That picture is adorable. My boyfriend lives about 30miles from me which doesn't seem like much but it is. Plus the fact that he works night shift means that we only ever see each other at the weekends which sucks! We make the most of our time together though and I can't imagine my life without him :)

  4. I've had my share of long distance relationships.. didn't work out. Well.. hmm...

    Oh, I'm loving the new Facebook timeline. hehe.. and I think you can edit the privacy settings. :)

    Favorite Disney movie? THE LION KING! Hooray for Simba!! :D

  5. A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!

  6. My fave Disney film is Beauty and The Beast! I think that picture is so adorable too, it's lovely when long distance relationships can work :)

  7. Aww, that picture is really adorable! I can kind of relate to it (LOL, not a boyfriend though!) since one of my best friends lives overseas and we haven't met (crazy, huh) and yeah, it does suck with time difference and all and also to not be able to see someone who you love, but at the same time it's pretty amazing how people can keep long distance relationships working <3 FACEBOOK, oh my. It's so dodgy, I think i might move to Google+ too :D DISNEY? Errm I do love Tangled but definitely the old school Aladdin <3

  8. Facebook keeps alienating me more and more. I'm tired of it already :(

  9. I'm in a "kind-of" distant relationship in, I can only see my girl every week or two. But we talk over the phone every night and its a great feeling too. :)

    Disney movie? :p
    and Lion King!

  10. I believe long distance relationships can work...if both people are willing to go the extra mile. I'm a little sad about this topic.

    Favorite Disney movie would have to be Beauty & The Beast. I cry every single time. But, I love Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp...and pretty much all of them. Don't you just love the You Can Fly song? It always lifts my spirits. :)

    There will be an award on my blog for you later today! :)

  11. previous long distance relationship here. Worked great for us! now were together, living happily! +followed, come check my blog out when you get the chance!


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