Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little things mean a lot

I was seriously debating whether I should post this or not. It feels like my blog is so repetitive, with either rants or dreams. I'm really sorry if I bore any of you. I'm trying to be more original.
So anyways, I want to...

-dance the night away, waltzing in a beautiful gown with some lovely man in a suit to a pretend Frank Sinatra singing "L, is for the way you look at me; O, is for the only one I see; V, is very very, extraordinary" get the point
Well, I imagined him a bit younger, but this will do

-have a bicycle race through the aisles of Walmart (that's like an everything store, in case you don't know)
-be a street performer, playing music in London or something
-dress up as a secret agent in a supermarket and run from aisle to aisle to the "Mission Impossible" theme
-go crowd surfing at Glastonbury Music Festival
-fool someone into thinking I'm French with my faux French accent
-travel through Europe by myself-just me and my backpack (and all the people I meet along the way)
-have a picnic in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower
-burst out into dance in a public area
-sing "Singin' in the Rain" in the rain, complete with a magic yellow umbrella
-have a Harry Potter duel at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
-kiss my dream guy at sunset next to the River Seine (the magic river of Paris)
-visit Platform 9 3/4 at London's King's Cross Train Station and attempt to get to the platform
-walk down Abbey Road, mimicking the Beatles while simultaneously trying to avoid getting hit by a car
-pass out smiley face stickers in a busy street
-sing off-key to random people on the street
-get into an argument with someone in a foreign language, just because I can
-go diving down the Great Barrier Reef
-go to a Paul McCartney concert
-meet as many crazy and amazing people as I can in the world

I realize most of these are extremely embarrassing, and some even unrealistic, but I truly want to do each and every single one of these things. For most of these I'll have to rely on my crazy friends to help me out, because nothing is embarrassing with your friends! Again, I'm sorry for my boring and cheesy "dream posts"!

 Bahahaha, the things you find on the internet. Beatles meet Disney!
Aaaahhh sorry for the length of this post. I need to work on length :P


  1. Post whatever you like! You aren't boring me :)

  2. AH YOU ARE SO CUTE. This post totally made me happy - don't you just love dreaming? So whimsical, I ADORE IT.

    Also, that last picture? SERIOUS PERFECTION. Duuude, gotta love the internet!

  3. This isn't boring me either, I really enjoyed this post :)

    I really want to travel too and I loved your one about 'singin in the rain' That would seriously be amazing!!

  4. FRANK SINATRA!!! My favorite of his is "My funny Valentine"
    And no way jose is this a boring post!!
    I love all the Paris ones -- I'm going there in a couple of weeks and I'm so pumped!!
    And get this -- At King's Cross station there's a plaque for platform 9 and 3/4!!! (Google told me that :D)
    Thanks for your comment!! The Young Adult sections are terrible these days!! My local library tried to make it really cool looking so more people would go in there, but the books are the problem!!

  5. This list made me smile so widely that my lips were starting to get chapped. I wanna do this stuff too!!


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