Saturday, April 7, 2012

BEDA Day...uh...what day is it?

My fingers are 10 different colors from coloring eggs tonight, which is why I'm posting at 11:45 PM with only 15 minutes to spare. Pretty much like yesterday, except yesterday I had an idea of what to blog about, but today I can't think of anything.

My fish died tonight. I went out and came home to find my poor little fish at the bottom of his fishbowl, his gills inflated like balloons. I asked my grandma, and she said that when she was refilling his bowl, apparently she accidentally spilled a cup of cold water right over his head. I'm not mad at her though, because she sounded more devastated than I am.

This is what he looked like. I just realized I never named him.

While we're on the subject of pets, I'll sadly admit that I haven't had a dog since I was 7. We had a cute little border collie puppy before that, but he was a breeding dog by nature, and the neighbors complained of his barking, so we had to give him away. :( I was pretty devastated. After that, my dad refused to ever get a dog again. I guess he doesn't like the idea of a dog living in the house, and we don't like the idea of a dog always living outside, so we never got a dog again. I've always wished we had a dog, because I love how friendly and fun dogs are. We've had several cats, but I'll admit that cats are kind of boring. I love them nonetheless, but I've always wanted a pet I could be friends with.

(Can you tell I have no life?)

The past few years, I've had a growing appreciation for birds. Parrots, in particular. I've begged my mom for one, but she's never gotten me one. I finally went to the pet store and found a parrot I adored. He was so cute and colorful and he playfully bit my finger like a friendly little parrot. BUT (because there's always a but) he was $600, so I couldn't afford buying him myself. $600!!! Gosh.

He kind of looked like this, but more colorful.
I vow that when I do get a parrot (and I will), I will name him Rupert. This has been established for several years. (No life, remember.)


... :)


  1. I don't think you have no life. I've grown up with dogs and although I'm always devastated when they die, I always have a dog and can't imagine not having dogs! My dogs are always my friends!

  2. I'll be pretty devastated when my pets die too, look how sad I was when one ran away for a few days! I can't imagine not having a pet so I hope you get one someday :)

  3. Im sorry your fish died. Even though it's a fish, things like that always make me really sad. Once I had a fish name flower who died because I fed her too much accidentally. It was a rather gruesome death. Then I got a hamster named Hammy but I was scared of him so we gave him to my neighbor. Yes, I was scared of a hamster! Now, I've had my dog Scout for 4 years. I have no life in the way that I treat my dog like a person. In fact, he's sitting in my lap right now. Sorry for this random babble, I have to stop before I start talking about my dog like a person. ;)

  4. Oh, but pets are awesome. Whether they're fish, parrots, dogs, or cats. I absolutely adore our family dog Gambit Archimedes, and I've been really worried for her because she's been seriously ill for a couple of weeks now. I think it's ok to get attached to our pets, that way we enjoy them the most. I don't think you have no life at all.

    I once had a fish called Charlie. Just sayin'.

  5. hahahahahahaha

    If I had a parrot, I would name him Mr. Cotton's.

    You know, Mr. Cotton's Parrot. Yes. Pirates.

    I have never had a pet of any kind. So I'm with you on wanting a pet friend. So with you.

    1. Mr. Cottons! Hahahaha "*squawwwwk* Abandon ship, abandon ship!"


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