Thursday, April 12, 2012

A rant against immaturity.

Yes, I know what you're thinking: "another rant? Is that all she does? For God's sake, someone shut this woman up!" Sorry, guys, this rant cannot be avoided.

Something happened this afternoon. Something that really made me angry. I was helping my grandma garden, and our garden faces my neighbors house. Now you should know some background info on my neighbors: they moved here when I was in 5th grade, and their son Chad is about half a year younger than me (I doubt he'll ever find this, but I secretly hope maybe someday he does). I'll be blunt: this kid Chad is the biggest douchebag I've ever met. He hasn't matured a single bit since he first moved here. When he was a kid, he was interested in guns and cars. Now he's interested in drugs and scummy girls. That's mean, I know, but it's true.

When I was younger, we were kind of friends, but it would be this tense thing where one day we'd be friends; the next, we'd hate each other. I outgrew my hatred for him a long time ago (like 8th grade). It doesn't seem that he's done the same thing. The kid still hates us, for some reason. I don't think it's for any reason other than the fact that he's a huge jerk. His parents never taught him to be respectful, apparently, because he's rude to everyone, and he'll throw his trash out on our lawn and his family will blow all their leaves on our lawn. We don't know why, but that's just the kind of neighbor he is.

Remember how I also said that he's interested in drugs? That's basically a nice way of saying he's a pothead. He also has this thing where he thinks he's a gangster. It's kind of funny how he'll wear his gangster hat and enormously baggy jeans and think he's the coolest kid to ever walk the land.

Anyway, back to today. So I was helping my grandma and Chad and his stupid friends are just driving up and down the street super fast, trying to show off. They finally pulled into his driveway and watched as I was helping my grandma, and they were making fun of me and shouting "WOOOOO" at me. I ignored them, but as they drove past my house and shouted "WOOOOO" again, I stuck my finger up at them. I don't know if they saw it, but I thought hopefully they did and would leave me alone. But they didn't. They drove by again and beeped at me. Finally, as they drove away for the last time, they beeped and shouted "WOOOOO" and as I looked up they opened their window and stuck their finger back at me.

Guys, I don't understand. What did I do to get all that? I haven't talked to Chad for several years, so I don't understand why he and his friends were bothering us. He's almost 17. Isn't it time to mature? I may have stuck my finger up at him, but he and his friends started all that crap first.

To be honest, I regret how I handled that situation. I should have ignored him from the start. How did I handle that situation any more maturely than he did by showing him my finger? That's such an immature thing to do, but I guess I was just annoyed. I just don't understand why they thought bothering us was necessary after we did nothing to him. He's not 12 anymore. Why can't he just grow up? Why can't people like him just grow up, in general?


  1. Because some people are delusional. They think such behaviour is cool. Or that guys take a long time to mature. I honestly think a guy becomes a man around 25, on average.

    On how you reacted, that's normal. You were annoyed. I cringed when I remember how I reacted while being upset.

    Just ignore him. He'll be much more annoyed by that.

  2. Yeah in great frustration we sometimes do things that don't help the problem but I would have been sorely tempted to do the exact same thing as you. Guys like that were probably just trying to get a reaction from you and they got it. It's best to ignore them because now that they're nearly adults they're capable of creating more trouble than just creep calling at you.

  3. He deserves the finger.

    But I understand. I recently went through this whole fight thing with one of my more immature, cowardly friends, and I tried not to sink to her level of catty vengeance, but it's hard. It's hard to be provoked and not respond.

    And as for Chad, one can only hope that someday he'll grow out of it. Not that it's likely.

  4. There's just people out there that are deadset wankers. There's no two ways about it. People will just be idiots. These sorts of people are born that way and will remain that way their whole lives, there's nothing anyone else can do about it so I wouldn't worry too much.

    It can be tiring at times dealing with such eggheads and it can be an easy release to sink to their level to retaliate.

    Just take comfort in the fact that you'll always be more mature and level-headed than they can ever hope to be.

    P.s.: Don't worry about giving the idiot the finger... he had it coming and it's the least he deserved.

  5. Definitely deserved the finger. I don't think you were being immature. At all.


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