Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20. No big deal.

So exhausted. BEDA, you're killing me.

Yesterday, someone I know on Facebook posted this status: "Oh 4/20? Is that the same as "I'm so much more of a scumbag than I normally am?"

Sounds like it."

This status started a huge uproar from all the stoners. They started defending pot, saying that it's good for you and that it's a natural plant.

I'm sorry, but so is poison ivy. So are poisonous berries. The fact that it's natural is about as feasible as calling margarine a dairy product.

Although the status is a bit mean, I can understand why he posted it. Not everyone that smokes pot is a scumbag, but in our school, a good deal are. Remember Chad, the neighbor I posted about last week? He's an excellent example of a weed-smoking jerk.

To be honest, the drug never appealed to me at all. It kills motivation. I've had enough experience seeing other kids around me just getting by in school and not do anything because they're high 24/7. The obnoxiousness of the people in my school who do it (though obnoxiousness and smoking pot may not be related) has forever turned me off from it. I look at people when they're high and they're so annoying that I can't imagine ever being the same way. Plus, I don't like anything that might leave permanent negative effects on my brain. I take pride in what intelligence I have, and I don't intend to kill off my brain cells. And what if I become addicted? I know pot isn't addictive or whatever, but the feeling you get from it can get you addicted, and will probably lead to trying "harder" drugs once you stop feeling that high.

Not saying that if you smoke pot, I'm going to dislike you. I've just had a bit of bad experience with the kids I've met who have done so.

 I don't even know what I'm talking about right now...


  1. I didn't even know what 4/20 was! Some pot day? Don't really see the point of using drugs unless for medicine, don't seem to bring about enough if any benefits.

  2. Yeah same, what's with this '4/20' thing? I only assumed it was the day of action for that Kony 2012 to 'blanket' every city, but that tanked pretty hard over here in Australia...

    1. Haha I can't believe I wrote a post about 4/20 and didn't explain what it was. How ignorant of me!

      4/20 is basically a stoner's holiday. People skip school and smoke enormous amounts of pot. That's about it. Pretty eventful, isn't it?

  3. I'll say it. I dislike someone who smokes pot. That argument that it's natural doesn't mean we need to use it. So is the plant that they get cocaine from.

  4. You are completely right, and I agree with you. Coming from the view of a pharmacist-in-training, all drugs come from something natural at one time or another. What are chemical compounds if not natural? The elements were here before we were.

    Opiates come from poppy seeds, but when has that ever been a good idea without a prescription? Hmm never.


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