Thursday, April 19, 2012

Prom and frustrations and such.

Some of my friends are getting irritated with me because I've decided I'm not going to prom. I'm positive they think I'm just being a flake, as usual. The reasoning behind my choice not to go is much more complex and I know they'd never understand, so I'm just going to rant about it here.

Guys, I wanted to go to prom. I did, but I realistically knew that there would be no way for me to go from the start. I knew that my mom would refuse to pay for anything because she disapproves of the event (which is another complex explanation in itself, so I'll spare it for your sake). I have a job, so I could have paid for it, if it weren't for Europe.

When my mom and I decided last year that we were going to Europe, my dad said that he would let us go, but that not a single dollar that he or my mother earned would go towards this trip. I agreed, because I was so desperate to go. My mom and I have been saving for over a year, putting together our birthday and Christmas money and even getting a piggy bank to save all the coins we would find. Europe was the main reason why I was looking for a job and still have it, despite hating it a lot. 90% the money I've earned working is going towards this trip.

I realized that prom just couldn't be an option, because I'd spend a minimum of $150 on everything. At this point, I'm still a bit short financially to cover 2 plane tickets and 2 weeks worth of hotels, so that money that I'd spend on prom would be worth much more going towards this trip. $150 can cover at least one night at a hotel and some other minor expenses, which is a lot for me. That one night at a hotel in London would mean 1,000 times more to me than wearing a far-too-expensive dress that I'd probably never wear again, stuck in a place with my annoying senior class. If I wasn't going to Europe, I'd go, but I had to make the choice, and I'm personally satisfied with it.

I know everyone's probably thinking "is it really worth it, though?" Why do all of this for just a short trip to Europe? That's a good question. I honestly can't even begin to explain why I want to go so much. The last time I went to Europe (2010) it changed my life. I know that sounds really cliche and such, but it completely changed my life. I don't really know how exactly it happened, but it was one of those enlightening experiences that leaves you completely different. I'm not going to equate it to what Buddha had, but something along those lines. People don't joke around when they tell you travel changes your life. I 100% believe it does.

So anyway, back to prom. No one understands why I'm choosing Europe, or why I can't just go to both. Everyone I know has their parents paying for most of it. I don't have that option, so obviously that $150 seems like a lot more to me when I have to earn the money to go. I swear, nothing teaches you more about the value of money than having to earn it for something. I just wish my friends wouldn't make me feel so guilty about my choice.


  1. It's so unfair that you're friends don't understand your choice. Silly friends.

  2. Prom's are pretty much always overhyped. If you go in expecting a lot, you're in for a rude surprise. I think you've made the right call realistically and financially.

    I didnt regret going to my formal at all, but I hadn't set the bar high for it, which is probably why I didn't mind it. My parents paid $400 for my suit though... I have worn the pants and the shirt more than once, which is a good thing, but I haven't worn the jacket... whoops.

  3. Considering that you have to make a choice, either or and not both, I totally agree with you. I graduated coming up on 12 years ago now and I almost never think about it, but I do think often about the trips I took that mean a lot to me. That trip sounds really important to you and in my opinion I think you made the right choice :)

  4. I think you made the right choice.

    Spending so much on prom seems silly,just an excuse to dress up, waste money and look cool with people you can't stand. As opposed to travel, where you can broaden your mind and do something unique. Enjoy your trip :)

  5. I never went to my formal (prom) either for different reasons but trust me, it's not that important. It's obvious this trip means a lot to you and in a way it's good that you're learning the value of money. Even if your parent's methods seem harsh.

    You should try and look for cheap hotels in Europe, like Premier Inns and Hotel Ibis. Over here they range from £29-£54 per night and I'm sure they have a European equivalent

    1. Thanks, Hazel! I appreciate the help. I'll keep those hotel names in mind. :)


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