Friday, April 13, 2012

Coachella and cities and rants and blah.

For God's sake, why does the United States have to be so big? Even more, why are all the best music festivals so far away from this little place in the middle of NY state? I'm basically far away from everything: New York City is a 5 hour drive away, Toronto is across the border (which is kind of a hassle to cross because there's a curfew for drivers under 18 in NY state, and I obviously wouldn't stay overnight), and those are pretty much the only two feasible options for my area.

You know, people who live in big cities don't realize how lucky they are sometimes. Places like NYC and London are full of culture and opportunity. You can pretty much see any band/artist you want live. Your only worry is getting the tickets fast enough before they're sold out. Better yet, the job opportunities are so much greater than in little towns, and the opportunities in general are so much more numerous in big cities, because pretty much every industry is centered in major cities.

There also seems to be a better vibe in big cities. More people are open-minded. To be honest, it's getting really tiring hearing all the kids around here bash anything that seems to be different. I know this is pretty generalized, but the teenagers in my town are ignorant, boring and obnoxious. They think everyone's interests and lifestyle should be just like their own, and I'm tired of intolerance. Why can't people learn to be tolerant of other people's lifestyles? I know no place is perfect with this, but in big cities, there are many different kinds of people, and I'm tired of acting ashamed to be a bit different than everyone else in my town that try to all act the same.

Back to Coachella: I'm so sad that I can't be there right now. Almost all of my favorite bands are performing there this weekend. Before I was hoping that maybe there'd be some luck with Lollapalooza, which is a music festival in Chicago that's kind of the second best festival in the country, but the line-up there this year isn't nearly is good as last year's Lolla, nor does it compare to Coachella's, so it's not worth going to.

(Aside that you can all ignore: SERIOUSLY LOLLA? Coachella can book Noel Gallagher, but you can't?! Get some sense! That would be my deal-breaker!)

I'm probably blaming too much of my frustrations on the place I live. I'm just so anxious to finally reach that age when I can go wherever I want and experience some amazing things outside of my town. I can't wait to meet more people with similar interests and see great places and finally see at least one of my favorite bands live. I've been dreaming about it for years, and when I get out of this town, hopefully that will happen.


  1. Coachella does look cool (cool name for a festival too). I'm surprised at how many major artists Coachella managed to get.

    As for small towns... I wouldn't know.

  2. I'm so sorry you can't be where you want! Coachella looks awesome. I would do anything to get tickets to see Radiohead.

    Email me and we can complain about stuff. I'm angry at Pottermore right now. Complain with mee. Please.

  3. I'm sorry. I live in suburban Ohio and while Cleveland and Columbus are both close, neither could be compared to big cities like NYC or Chicago. So I watched the Bon Iver concert live on youtube and for now, I guess that's good enough. I feel ya <3

  4. festival time. isn't it? I hate it when music festivals happen. Mainly cos I cant go for it. I heard the Horrors will be playing in spain at some place which has a stupid name. It's stupid cos I can't pronounce it. :/


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