Saturday, April 14, 2012

I. Can't. Blog. Anymore. (with One Direction)

BEDA, if you were a human being, I might consider murdering you. In order to prevent that from happening, I encourage you to run away quickly. Run away and never come back.

I know I could probably quit. It would be so much easier to quit, but I have this thing where I have to finish what I've started, no matter how much it annoys me.

I might as well tell you: as of yesterday, I don't mind One Direction. I blame all of you for this. Yes, I am blaming you! I do not like pop boy-bands, but yesterday, after hearing all about this One Direction obsession, I decided it was finally time to see what the hype was all about. I watched the What Makes You Beautiful video and they are so cute! Honestly, most of the band is about my age, but they're all so adorable it's almost enough to make you go "awwww". I don't like their hairstyles, though. Way too overdone. No guy I've ever seen has hair like those guys. It looks unnatural and weird and, frankly, I'm sure they'd look much better with slightly styled, more natural hair. Just a thought.

I do love that adorable blond guy though. I typed in "One Direction blond" and found out his name is Niall, he is 18, and he is from Ireland. He kind of seems like the Ringo Starr of the group, as in the kind of goofy, not always center-of-attention member.

Far left
This isn't normal for me. I don't do boy-bands, but why can't I stop listening to "What Makes You Beautiful"? It's bizarre. I listened to one other song (the name of which has escaped me) and I don't like it much, so maybe it's the sweet, cheerful music of "What Makes You Beautiful" that captivates me. I don't know. I still don't like boy-bands (or boy-groups, since they don't actually play instruments in their performances?), but at least I can tolerate this group now.

Nevertheless, I'm going to copy Ash and end with an Oasis song for good measure.


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    1. You redeemed yourself in my eyes when you linked an Oasis song. There's hope for you yet.

      :P just kidding.

      I had no idea who OD were either til a few weeks ago, they were completely under my radar. I wish it had stayed that way. But suddenly everyone is talking about them and the best thing I can say about it is, they seemed to have drowned out the damn Bieber fans. Well played, OD.

      Now leave, before you overstay your welcome.

      Kidding, again. Kinda'.

      And again, well played linking that Oasis song. A touch of brilliance, and one of their better songs as well. Very well played.

  2. Yeah... I don't really like them lol I can tolerate them but I wouldn't actively go and listen to them

  3. SO GOOD. You should keep listening forever. It's just awesome.

    I'm not a crazy fan but when you hear their songs you can't help but smile and dance around a bit.

  4. AHA! Got you! We fangirls will take over the world!! MUHAHAHAHAHA

    lol I can't get over how most us have devoted at least a blog to One Direction this April. It makes me smile like this :D

  5. I think I've heard What Makes You Beautiful on MTV a couple of times and all I thought was: "Hey, boybands are back. Well, good for them." I don't particularly like them, I don't particularly dislike them. I think I've become too old for that sort of stuff.

  6. No one does boy-bands, but everyone does One Direction. It is nothing to be ashamed of! Embrace it. Love it. Roll around in the beauty that is all their faces and voices.

    Niall's my favourite, too xD

    I'm not such a big fan of boy bands either (except for those couple of really old backstreet boys and N'Sync songs from when i was littler. but.. MEMORIES)
    I don't like any of their songs, other than The Beautiful one either.
    THEY REALLY ARE ADORABLE. I agree about the hairstyles though. Especially Zayn Malik's.

  8. LMAO!! I have this magazine at home, dunno where I kept that particular edition now. I think 'Scene'...not sure. Anyway, it had these guys on the front cover. I think there was an exclusive interview inside. Dint read it. But i remember that each one of them have been given names like "the heartbreaker" and all. lol. You should try and read it.


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