Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things I do instead of my homework

  • watch Doctor Who on Netflix
  • google 'procrastination' in hopes that it's an actual disease, instead of just laziness, so that I'll feel better about myself (it's not)
  • start a serial Wikipedia search-start from one topic (like WWII) and end up reading about Venezuelan culture
  • go on Sporcle (trivia website)
  • go on clothes websites
  • refresh Blogger every minute, hoping someone posted something
  • browse the iTunes store
  • make witty blog post titles, but never use them
  • brainstorm blog post ideas
  • watch Pixar shorts
  • watch videos by vlogbrothers, nerimon, and fiveawesomegirls
  • look up lyrics to songs
  • go on
  • go on (so fitting)
  • stare at my Facebook news feed for 10 minutes
  • eat
  • make tea
  • draw mangoes
  • google "10 worst US presidents"
  • write blog posts
  • try to figure out my old Neopets username and fail
  • take personality quizzes
  • consider skipping school the next day to actually do all the work I put off
  • skip school and still not do anything (like today)
  • make Spotify playlists and never actually listen to them
  • not sleep
About 90% of these things I did today. Guys, I need a life. Someone find one for me.

Oh by the way, today's my one year blog anniversary! Yay! (Not that excited, honestly.)


  1. I'm always, always taking personality quizzes. They often contradict themselves though which isn't particularly helpful.

  2. Don't worry, I don't have a life either and do similiar things as you to waste time!

    Happy blogoversary btw :)

  3. I recently saw a picture on Pinterest. It had a text saying something like: "If you enjoy wasting time, it's not wasted time." Something like that. Good point, I think.

    However, when you have other, more important stuff to do I can see how it bothers you. Procrastination, ah, I know all about it myself. (I don't even dare telling you how long I haven't done the dishes for.)


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