Friday, April 27, 2012

Ma personnalite.

A while ago I took this quiz. It's a psychology quiz that basically splits your personality into 4 different components based on your answers. My psychology teacher recommended it, and I wouldn't recommend it to you if I didn't think it was extremely accurate. It's almost bizarre how accurate it is.

There are a lot of types of personalities (I think there's 15 different ones obtained from the quiz), so it's really interesting to read about all of them and see the little things that make one person different from one another. An obvious argument might be that all humans are unique, so it's ridiculous to consider categorizing them, but I think that when you look closely, you'll see that each person's personality has characteristics that lean toward a particular description. If that wasn't true, I wouldn't have related to my personality description as much as I did.

I took the quiz and got INFP, which stands for Introverted, Intuition, Feeling, Perception. From the INFP Profile I read, it seems really accurate. It's kind of creepy how much they've described me.

"When it comes to the mundane details of life maintenance, INFPs are typically completely unaware of such things. They might go for long periods without noticing a stain on the carpet, but carefully and meticulously brush a speck of dust off of their project booklet."

^THIS. Seriously, I drive my mom crazy because I can walk by a basket of laundry without even noticing it, and then my mom yells at me for seeing it and not taking it upstairs. At the same time, I hate when my papers are bent or wrinkled or stained.

"INFPs have very high standards and are perfectionists. Consequently, they are usually hard on themselves, and don't give themselves enough credit. INFPs may have problems working on a project in a group, because their standards are likely to be higher than other members' of the group. In group situations, they may have a "control" problem."

I honestly hate working in groups because no one ever takes it as seriously as I do, so I end up doing most or all of the work. Last year, my English teacher gave us about 4 group essay writing projects, and I wrote all of them myself because I didn't trust anyone else in my group with my grade.

"Their primary goal is to find out their meaning in life. What is their purpose? How can they best serve humanity in their lives? They are idealists and perfectionists, who drive themselves hard in their quest for achieving the goals they have identified for themselves."

This is just spot on. It explains my search and career ambitions, and my fear of mediocrity in the future. 

And here's my favorite part:

"INFPs are usually talented writers. They may be awkward and uncomfortable with expressing themselves verbally, but have a wonderful ability to define and express what they're feeling on paper."

I wouldn't say I'm awkward at verbal expression, but most of my emotions do come out best when I write them. I oftentimes feel more eloquent when I'm writing about something than when I'm talking about it. I wouldn't say I'm a bad speaker, though.

Honestly, it's kind of refreshing to find something that helps me understand my quirks and traits. I hope that this helped you understand my bizarre self (as if anyone really cares except me haha). You guys should all take the quiz and tell me what you got (or not, if you feel it's private). I think it'd be a great way for us to look and understand each other's mind processes even the slightest bit more. :)


  1. I'm ISTJ, which is almost entirely the opposite of you except for the introverted part. Although that last bit of your results describes me too, I can express myself more clearly through writing than I can verbally.

  2. I am an ENFJ, but apparently I am only 22% on the strength of extrovert which I would guess is right. Apparently I am strongly feeling, which I would guess is good. Maybe not? I went to look up my personality type and it was like me. The last time I took this test though I was an INFJ so it's strange how I've changed.


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