Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I like words. Of course that's obvious, considering I write a blog, but when I say I like words, I mean...I like words. This isn't working. I'm going to go on.

There are certain words that I love saying or hearing. It isn't necessarily the definition of the word as much as it's the aesthetics of the word. I don't know why, but I have a list of words I love, and words I hate. The words I love are pretty random, whereas you can probably detect a trend in the words I hate.

Some words I love:
  • flatulent
  • voracious
  • dollop
  • gobbledygook (I actually spelled this one right on the first try!)
  • kerfuffle
  • mustache
  • hogwash
  • behoove
  • flounder
  • canoodle
Words I hate:
  • goop
  • moist
  • phlegm
  • slaughter
  • zygote
  • ovum
  • mayonnaise
  • logorrhea (my teacher loves using this word; he thinks it's hilarious)
  • bodacious
  • cramp
  • buff
  • meat (don't ask about this one, it's just a word I despise and never use)
If you haven't noticed, the words I hate are mostly influenced by their definitions, whereas the words I love are mostly just because they sound hilarious or awesome.

What are some of your favorite/least favorite words?

Ugh, this BEDA post is lame. Blargharg.


  1. Haha the words you love do sound awesome :)

    And yeah, I hate some the words you hate too!


    Best.word. ever.

    I need to use it more.


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