Monday, April 2, 2012

The Fritz and Toes.

I honestly have no idea where that title came from. I was thinking about how much my toe hurts, and I suddenly thought of how much I love when people say "[insert noun here] is on the fritz". For example: my computer is on the fritz. Your phone is on the fritz. His brain is on the fritz.

Then I looked up fritz on Urban Dictionary, just because there definitions of words are always fascinating. Here's one definition I found: "Now used to describe a person or persons falsely imprisoning and raping family members, similar to being 'on the rob'."

This, my friends, is why Urban Dictionary is not a reliable source. Excuse me for a second while I...haahahahahaha. I have never heard 'fritz' used in that context. Or heard of such actions, for that matter. Bahahahaa.

To make this post relevant to my title, I also must discuss toes. I just got home from work, so my toe hurts. You see, my right foot is bigger than my left by an entire size, so that sets me up for some enormous discomfort. I always face the situation of buying shoes closer in size to my left foot, which sets me up for cramping and tightness in my right foot, or buying a larger size to satisfy my right foot, which results in me waddling like a duck because my left foot is too small for my shoe. This sets me up for a dilemma. I obviously can't buy a pair of shoes with each a different size, because that just...doesn't work. Can you imagine how hilarious (and annoying) it would be, for someone else to buy a pair of shoes only to find out one is in a size 8 while the other is a size 9?

Actually, that'd just be annoying.

Hey, I just rambled about two completely petty topics! Bonus points for me! I'm acing this BEDA thing, man. Maybe now I should just go into a deep discussion about the meaning of life.

(It's 42, by the way. Gold star if you get the reference.)

A lot happened at work today. I have a boss that would fit perfectly in the "Horrible Bosses" movie. Her attitude is entirely dependent on her mood, and I've grown almost used to the fact that she has to yell at someone on a daily basis for no reason at all. Almost. She particularly doesn't like me, for some reason. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm more quiet when I work, and occasionally I make petty mistakes because I'm human. Today, it got really busy and my co-worker asked if I could take storefront. She went back to the drive-thru area, so I assumed she would finish the rest of what I was doing. She didn't though, and I didn't find out about it until 15 minutes later, when my boss started yelling at me about it. I understand that we made a mistake, but I explained to her that storefront got very busy and it seemed obvious that my co-worker would cover the back for me. She wouldn't let it go, though, no matter how much I explained what happened, until finally she said: "you need to stop this attitude you're giving me right now".

It felt like a punch in the face. I've never been told that I'm giving someone attitude. My parents always taught me to be respectful to my superiors, and I have always followed that. I couldn't believe she thought I was giving her attitude. I was honestly only trying to explain what happened, because I had already gotten yelled at twice in one day. She should practice what she preaches. Maybe she is my superior, but I am a firm believer that if you treat someone respectfully, you will get respect in return. Constantly yelling at people is not a way to keep a business running successfully.

I'm trying to cut back on my blogging rants, but this one could not be avoided. I hope all you fellow BEDA-ers are doing well, and I'll see you all tomorrow!


  1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.Gold star pleeeeease?
    I feel sorry for you that your boss is so horrible. She sounds like a teenage girl to me x

  2. You know, I would definitely look into a scholarship for people with two different sizes of feet. Not even kidding :)

    This is going to sound really mean. Like really mean. But whenever she goes around yelling and being a jerk in general, you can remember that next year you will be in college working yourself towards an awesome degree, and she will still be there being miserable.

    Now it's not like me to rejoice in the misery of other human beings, because everyone has struggles and we should be mindful of that, and try to be as caring as possible to everyone we can. But….

    Sometimes people are unbearable. The End.


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