Sunday, April 1, 2012

A dangerous month looms ahead.

Hi, BEDA. I'm Anna. It's nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you and your crazy antics, so I'm anxious to get to know you.

This month is going to be really weird. It's hard to imagine blogging every day for an entire month! I usually just blog when I'm inspired, or something ticks me off enough for me to write a blog post about it. Nevertheless, I'm hoping I can finally defeat my lazy mind that hates following through with little goals and get that little (30) next to April in my Arr-chives! (Guys, why am I so hilarious?)

Day #1's problem: I honestly can't think of a single thing to talk about, so I'm going to list things that make me happy, because the weather has been awful this week and it's taken a toll on my mood.

a. Thinking about moving to San Francisco

I am quite honestly considering moving to San Francisco. I've decided that since my attitude is negatively impacted by poor weather, I will move to a place where it's sunny and warm, but still has that urban vibe that I'm craving. San Francisco is so artsy. It's like a West Coast NYC. I have so many reasons why I think I'd love it there, but I think I'll save it for a rainy day this month (get it? April? Rainy day? Because April's rainy? More hilarity!), when I have nothing to post. Remind me.

b. The Philadelphia Story (film)

You may, perhaps, know that I adore Jimmy Stewart, but you don't know that I also love Cary Grant. The film is within my ideal cultural era (1940), the two main men are wonderful (as is Katharine Hepburn) and the movie is so full of fantastic one-liners that I've already started memorizing some of them ("Oh, C.K. Dexter Haaaaven!"). The movie is probably one of the funniest films I've ever seen, without being cheap and crude, and the love story behind it is beautiful. This is how rom-coms should be made.

c. This song:

d. The fact that I'm buying a film SLR.

Sure, it sucks to have to buy good film (which, by the way, isn't fun to find when basic stores don't sell it). Nevertheless, I can't wait to finally have a decent camera in my hands. I'm getting it in a few days. I'll never go pro, but it will still be amazing fun. I've always loved photography, but never had even a simple camera of my own. It's exciting to imagine I'll have the same art medium as the great Ansel Adams (see below).

e. Planning my trip to Europe with my mom

This summer, my mom and I are going on a trip to Europe. We'll be visiting London, Paris, Amsterdam and Belgium. I'm so excited, because the last time I visited Europe, it truly changed my life. I can't wait to see what's in store for this trip.
There you have it. I'm off to make macaroni & cheese, watch a movie and not do homework.


  1. I'm incredibly jealous about your trip to Europe!! Take me with you?

    Also, you should check out my I <3 San Francisco post to see if we have the same reasons for loving it :)

    Good luck with BEDA!

    1. I love that post! I've visited it multiple times. I agree with all of your reasons. :D Ah, San Francisco seems so perfect!

  2. I'm so jealous that all you people are so well travelled while I'm just sitting here drooling over pictures of New York xx

    1. Haha, trust me, I'm exactly the same, except I do that for almost every major city on the map. :P I hope you go somewhere awesome soon!

  3. That's so incredibly awesome that you're going to Europe! Jealous!!!

    I have to watch that movie now. Everything you mentioned the film is, is in exact correlation of what I love most. Jimmy Stewart? Check. Witty lines/banter? Check. 1940s? Check. RomCom that is actually funny and not crude? Check. Check. Check.

    So yes. There's that comment. Enjoy. For as hilarious as you are, Anna, I am equally great at leaving comments. Just remember that I commented on your blog when I win the Commenter of the Year Award and become adored all around the world. Maybe I'll remember you. Maybe. Let's not get too desperate, Anna. Really, it's quite an honor for you to have me in your presence.


    1. Hahahahaha this comment alone should win Comment of the Year. I am humbled by your talents. :P

  4. I am excited you're doing BEDA.
    I've never seen a Philadelphia Story, but you have be wanting to so badly now!
    Also, I'm going to be living in London this summer! I'm so excited you get to travel with your mom.

    Good luck with BEDA this month, I'm excited to read more. :]

    1. You must see it! It's such a sweet film. I can almost guarantee you'll love it. I'm hoping it'll catch like wildire, and soon we'll all be quoting lines from the film and the outside world will look at us like "what is this foreign alien species?" :P

      Good luck to you too! It's going to be an exciting month.


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