Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dancing the World Away.

Hi, everyone! Sorry for my absence since BEDA. I promise a new post will be up soon. Today, my teacher showed us a video that I think everyone should watch. Don't worry, it's not asking you to donate anything, but I can almost guarantee it will make you smile, no matter how bad your day was. :)

It's videos like this that remind me why I want to travel so much: for the people and the experiences. Let me know if you enjoyed the video!


  1. I love that video. It's such an amazing bit of work. It just humbles you and makes you realise that people all over the world are ultimately the same and that we can in fact get along with one another.

    Makes you wonder why the hell there are so many conflicts going around in the world, and what the hell is wrong with some people.

    But everytime I see this video, it really does make me smile and feel better, if only for a little while. Thanks for the post, made me remember what it felt like the first time I saw this amazing video.

  2. Oh, this guy! Yeah that's an awesome video!

  3. This is AMAZING!! Makes you want to go to all those places. Everyone seems so happy, I love it. xx


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