Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh hi, who are you?

Yay! One new follower! Welcome Jen :)
So I realized I never really introduced myself as a person on here, and my "About Me" doesn't really say much so I'll just give a bunch of random facts and hope that will suffice:
 1.) So I'm obviously Anna. I'm Russian by heritage-my parents literally came from the Soviet Union (and no, they weren't fleeing :P), so I speak fluent Russian :)

2.) When I graduate from high school (currently a junior), I want to be either a journalist or a marine biologist. Very different professions, I know, but that's me.

3.) Art is so important to me, in every way and type-I love to draw and paint, play the piano and saxophone, listen to music, take photos, it goes on.

4.) I'm an absolute anglophile-I adore everything British. I pretty much listen only to British music, gush at their amazing accents (which I've only heard like twice in my life) and dream about the days when I'll live in London. It's a lifestyle :P

5.) Harry Potter changed my life. That's all I can really say. Oh, that and I adore Fred and George Weasley.

6.) My music taste changed so much from what it was a year ago. I used to listen to the popular music that was on the top charts, now all I really listen to is indie (British, of course :P). My favorite band changes like every week, but bands that have always managed to keep my interest are Muse, Arctic Monkeys (<3) and The Strokes.

I am the master of the ugly face.
7.) I'm in love with Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys, he is the most gorgeous specimen of a man ever created (I'm sure I'll have a blog post about him eventually).

8.) I've never had a boyfriend before. I mean, I'm in no rush and (this is going to be really cheesy) I secretly think that somewhere out there (I always imagine England), the perfect guy for me, the one I've always daydreamed about, is waiting.

9.) I went to Europe last summer and saw places like Paris and Vienna. I only went for a week and a half, but it changed my life forever. It's the reason I love traveling, and the reason why I want to move to Europe.

10.) I love tea and coffee. Invite me over for a cup of tea and a donut and I'll love you forever.

11.) I'm a hopeless romantic, which is pretty much self-explanatory as seen by #8. I also really love beautiful things, like landscapes, artwork, melodic music (like beautiful movie soundtracks), people's dreams, love, feel-good movies, etc.

12.) I'm terrible at math but good at English. I'll analyze a book like you've never seen before! No, I'm joking-for some reason my English teacher just thinks I'm really good at English and gives me high grades when in reality my essays suck. It's an unexplainable phenomenon.

13.) I have a terrible fashion sense, but I'm working on it! Like today, I wore a band t-shirt with skinny jeans and cool sneakers (like old-school Converse).  Not much, I know, but maybe when I get a job things will change.

14.) I'm a Christian, but not in that "oh, I hate gays, non-Christians and everything in between" Christian. I believe in Jesus but I don't ever shove my faith down anyone's throat. You're Muslim or Buddhist or anything else? Cool, let's be friends :)

15.) I'm too much of a dreamer. I dream about my future, guys, what could happen, just anything. I think that life seems to be easier that way.

16.) I'm really starting to love blogging, because it feels like I can be myself without feeling awkward (like in a journal/diary) and it's great to know others on here feel the same way.

17.) I'm that girl that sings loudly and off-key in school hallways, just because when I feel happy and want to sing, I do it. I'm one to speak my true, honest opinion without coming off as rude (though it's happened before :P). I feel that if people acted more like themselves without worrying what others think, the world (especially teenagers) would be much happier.

So that's me in a nutshell. I hope everyone wasn't completely bored by my life story, because beyond this I'm really just a boring small-town girl with big dreams :)


  1. aww i can relate to most of the things on the list. I am OBSESSED with british acent too!, and i'm a hopeless romantic as well :p
    i have also never had a boyfriend cos i'm waiting to be swept off my feet by the right guy (preferably british lol)

  2. I want to be a journalist too!! And I'm also an Anglophile!! I'm hopeful about meeting a British guy though because my older cousin has a British boyfriend!! I'm so insanely jealous of her!!


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