Monday, May 9, 2011

Keira, why are you so awesome?

Lately I've been watching alot of feminine movies (I'm not sure if I'd call them chick flicks, because I feel like they're more than that). These days, it's so hard to find an actress who actually plays a smart girl-one who is intelligent, classy and smart. When I think of that kind of actress I usually think of the lovely Audrey Hepburn, one of my favorite female role models. Unfortunately, Audrey's long gone and there hasn't really been anyone who has inspired me since. Recently, though, I've been watching alot of movies with Keira Knightley and I realized how much I like her. She always plays the strong, intelligent young woman who takes control of her own life, but yet at the same time is so romantic in her roles and so beautiful.

Just look at that fierce look! What a cool pirate!

Obviously, one of my favorite characters of her's is Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean. She was so headstrong, even in the beginning of the first movie. Even if she did kill Jack Sparrow (oh, sorry, spoiler :P) in the second film, the way she took control in the third film at a historical period when women were just expected to look pretty was such an inspiration. I know it's cheesy to be inspired by a movie character, but hell, if I could be a pirate (which I would love), I'd want to be just like her.

And then there's the character she played in my absolute favorite book and movie-Pride and Prejudice. For anyone who hasn't seen or read it, it's the most mind-sweeping beautiful romance that could ever have been written. Keira plays the main character, Elizabeth Bennett, a headstrong 20 year old who refuses to marry until she finds the perfect man, turning down multiple guys just for that reason. Keep in mind it was written at a time when women were eager to marry the first man that gave them an offer. Keira plays the role of the independent Elizabeth so wonderfully-probably because she herself is quite headstrong and talented. She's so admirable, I really can't wait to see more of her movies. If you haven't seen any of her movies, I strongly recommend you see Pride and Prejudice, Atonement,and Pirates of the Caribbean.


  1. She is a wonderful, beautiful actress. I love her films as well. Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorite stories of all time and was thrilled when they cast her in the lead.

    Have you seen The Duchess? I haven't yet, but I've heard she is excellent in the role.

  2. She was great in Pride in Prejudice!! My favorite scene was when she and Mr. Darcy were arguing in the rain and she kinda realizes she likes him.
    Great post!! She's a great actress!!
    Love your blog!! I'm following now!!
    -- Jen


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