Friday, May 13, 2011

Current State of the Union

I am...

-annoyed that Blogger was shut down for almost 2 days, and that some of my stuff still hasn't been returned to its original state (I'm being patient though)
-tired because I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in exactly 3 weeks
-nervous about my mom's reaction when I tell her I left my saxophone at school because I'm not planning on practicing this weekend
-happy because I just got home from one of my best friend's birthday party, where I had alot of fun and realized just how much I adore my friends
-excited because we have finally been getting some good weather here!
-ecstatic that the debut album of my new favorite music artist (Miles Kane) finally came out in the US iTunes store.
-annoyed/frustrated because I think all my blog posts are completely uninteresting, and I have no idea how to change that.
-confused about how this all turned into one big rant

Oh, and since I've already started ranting, you know what else bothers me? Disrespectful teenagers. There's one girl in my honors English class who really hates it, but for some reason stuck with it the whole year. Instead of dropping, apparently she has decided to make the teacher's life miserable by mouthing off and declaring that "nobody cares" about the books/poems we discuss and that it's all a "bunch of crap," right to the teacher's face. Then she goes and blatantly does other homework in class, sighing exasperatedly if the teacher asks her to stop. If you don't like it, fine, you know where the door is-don't disrupt everyone else's learning if you refuse to learn anything. The worst part? The teacher doesn't do anything about it.


  1. that girl sounds really annoying. i don't understand why people put a damper on everyone elses day when they are in a bad mood, or are just a nasty person.

    i'm so mad at blogger right now. tumblr had this sort of thing a couple months back and i was so happy i was on blogger then, because i figured it would never do that. i was wrong... >:(

  2. Blogger really pissed me off. I dont know if they are ever gonna bring back the comments they took :/
    i dnt think your blogposts are uninteresting!, and that girl really sounds like a mega brat. the teacher should have put her in her place!


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