Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Love Guitar Players

If there's one thing I really love, it's guys that play guitar.

I'm not even sure why. I think it's because music is so so important to me, and knowing that a guy can share that with me by being able to make music with a guitar is just amazing.
Guys with a talent that they're passionate about are just perfect. 
Plus, guitar playing guys seem more sensitive. I mean, what girl doesn't want a song played just for her?
AND he can finally teach me how to play.
Sensitive guys? My God, I'm such an idealist.


  1. Just stumbled on your blog! I don't know why, but the word "precious" came to mind - loveee that!

    AND YES. I've always wanted to play the guitar. But I really have no musical talent, so a guitar playing boyfriend would be just fine.... :)

  2. EXACTLY! Haha and thanks! I'm glad you stumbled on it then! :D

  3. Aww i'm a hopeless romantic and i love guitar playing guys as well *sighs*
    They jst seem so in touch with their emotions. trust me girl, there are some sweet sensitive guys out there..

  4. Yeah, guitar players are pretty cool, ie, if they can play the guitar properly and has a not so terrible voice. But there are some guys who 'think' they are cool guitar playing dudes. Like there's this guy in my class who pisses me off big time. He ruined every single song by the Fray that I used to like.
    I get what you mean by guitar playing guys. Some of them can be extremely charming. But unfortunately I don't come across many like that.

  5. I love your blog! I get what you're saying. I want a guy who can play guitar so he can write love songs for me. ;) Following you! Check mine out?

  6. Hi, thank you for commenting on and following my blog! I've written a reply to your comment on that post :) I'm following you too!


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