Friday, December 30, 2011

Things I learned in 2011...

-You can't please everyone. Actually, there are very few people that you can please. You can try to please certain people, but you only end up hurting or annoying others. That's why being selfish can be fun.
-People really are as stupid as you think they are. It's quite hilarious.

-Blogging is an amazing thing. It's made a glorious impact on me this year. Maybe most people don't value it as much as I do, but the fact that I'm writing something again just for the fun of it makes me happy. I could never journal, because it felt too therapeutic for me. Blogging is perfect because it's let me meet so many amazing people I otherwise would never have gotten to know.

-There is no daily struggle that cannot be fixed with swing music.

-Movies are amazing. Where have they been for most of my life?

-Finding Nemo is the best movie of all time.

-How I Met Your Mother is the best show of all time.

-Facebook is full of idiots.

-Music is growth. It is spectacular how much it has inspired and encouraged me this year. I wouldn't be the same without it.

-History is awesome. It is so fascinating. I don't care how scientifically impossible it is; my greatest wish is to be able to go back and see different historical happenings.

-Some people have to lose 80% of their friends in order to find their true friends. It's quite worth it, though.

-The best place to hide Doritos is in a desk drawer.

-I'm living in the wrong decade. I really got lost in a time vortex and somehow ended up in this stupid generation. I actually belong in the 1960s.

-I would never wish the amount of stress I had this year on anyone. Not even people I really don't like. It tears you apart and scares you. Think I'm being melodramatic? You haven't been there then.

-People who say high school is the best time of your life are liars. It's simply awkward and annoying.

-This year was awful. Next year better be a hell of a lot better.

Here are two songs, just because:


  1. LOVE BOTH SONGS! <3 (500) Days of Summer is great, I got it for Christmas, I've been a tad obsessed :] I could not agree more about blogging, it's lovely here :3 and hey, the facebook idiots can't be bothered to write anything longer than a status, yay! :DDDD Anyway, have a veeery happy new year! xxx

  2. I so relate to what you listed, especially the friends part. Due to my way too long lasting illness I lost some people of which I thought were my friends, but after my hospital discharge I was left with little less than a hand full. Now I know who my real friends are. Can be a painful experience but a valuable one.

  3. Agree on most of what you said. People are as stupid as I think, himym is the best show ever, history is so fascinating and I have definitely been born in the wrong era :P :)

  4. Happy New Year! I totally agree with you here :D

  5. Blogging is indeed amazing. It's such a simple thing, but what it can reap is really amazing, yeah? I mean you can connect with people from the other side of the World, and you tell them stuff about you and your thoughts that people you know in person don't know... that says it all really.

    And another point I agree wholeheartedly with you on; facebook is definitely full of idiots. :P.

    Hope you have a great new year!

  6. I agree with a lot of what you said-how i met your mother is simply awesome, and God the rest of my life better be better than high school.


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