Tuesday, December 13, 2011

El Superhero

A week or so ago, Lex invited me to join her Superhero League, which I gracefully accepted. I would like to introduce you all to my superhero, the Falcon. 

Yes, I am a falcon. One of the most mysterious and powerful of all the birds. The falcon can fly speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest creatures of the animal world. With its swift swoops and dives and its keen eyesight, nothing stands a chance against it.

With these powers of super speed and super vision, I can defeat anyone that gets in my way. Within the blink of an eye, I will already have attacked them. My enemies will never stand a chance.

Never again will I be called slow. Never again will I squint my eyes to see something. I am the fastest person in the world, and my sharp eyesight will make you wish you were never born. I am lethal and intimidating (heh, I almost sound like Edward Cullen), but my powers will never be for evil, though my independence makes me wary of those I do not know.

But do not fear me! I am trustworthy and confident, and will help anyone who calls for it (with my sharp senses, of course).

(One thing I lack in, however, is Paint skills. Lol, that illustration of my alter-ego is so pathetic. Perhaps one of my artist League members will help me present myself more honorably.)

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  1. Aww don't be silly, your drawing looks awesome! I still haven't made mine yet lol!

    I guess I'm not as creative as I thought I was!


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