Thursday, December 22, 2011

They secretly all hate me because I pronounce 'meme' as "may-may"

I really should be preparing for my English oral speech tomorrow on Hamlet, but we've already established that whenever I really have work to do, I'm less inclined to do it. This can be observed in the fact that I had a history assignment due last Monday that I have yet to begin, and that I currently have a 19 in chemistry because of missing work. Slacka' fo' lyfe.

I have two exciting announcements, which will be listed below in Roman numerals, because I like Roman numerals:

 I. I got a job! After 148945 applications with not one interview, I finally got an interview and was offered a position at Tim Hortons. For those of you non-Canadians (or Americans who don't share a border with Canada), Tim Hortons (or Timmy Ho's, or Timmy's, or any other ridiculous name that I despise) is the cross-breed of Starbucks and McDonalds; classier than a fast-food joint, less sophisticated than a legitimate coffee shop. Essentially, I will either be preparing your food or scrubbing it off the toilets. Oh God, why did I say that. I'm disgusting.

II. Cornell sent me my financial aid papers today. I only have to pay $2,500 for next year. I'm ecstatic, considering their expected expenses are $59,500. It basically covers everything: my education, housing, dining, and even personal expenses like books and a laptop. The $57,000 they have covered for me also come in the form of grants, not loans, so I don't have to pay anything back. Perhaps I shouldn't be making this information public, but dude, when else am I supposed to glorify having a low-income?

Now, on to the random section of this post. I'm sure you all have heard of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind". You all are familiar with the chorus, and how the only words you can catch from it are "in New York". If you insist on knowing more than that, then simply put, you're lying. Now, look at the picture shown below and I'm positive if you sing them out loud, you will fully be able to comprehend the lyrics from this point:

God, I am so obsessed with meme. It's ridiculous. But this is hilarious. That's Wrong Lyrics Christina, by the way. The way these posts are made is by including lyrics that are frequently mispronounced, or difficult to catch when listening, and make words based on how it sounds phonetically. I probably don't even need to explain, but I still think it's funny.

On a final note: my music change, is again evolving. My music taste is like a Pokemon. It starts off like a Charmander, small and sweet, then grows into a more threatening Charmeleon, and then into the vicious Charizard. Well, this time it's more like a transformation from Charmander into Magikarp. This paragraph doesn't make sense. Ignore it.

Anyway, I've come to adore old music. Older-than-rock music. We're talking Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and so on. We're learning about WWII and watching It's a Wonderful Life (one of my favorite movies) in school, so I've been hearing a lot of the stuff recently. God, what happened to this music? It's so jazzy. Of course, I still love my fair share of rock and indie, but who can say no to Frank Sinatra?

He was a charming man. I can feel this is the start of an enormous obsession with old American culture. I'll stack my shelves with old MGM musicals and Top 100 AFI classics over Christmas break and just drown in sweet bliss. Ah, life does get good.


  1. Aw I like Frank Sinatra! He has a song about a skinny girl (Lean Baby) that I always liked, because most songs about females nowadays are "yeah big asses check out those tits I wanna hit that", etc. Yup.

    And I used to check meme-spot or whatever so often! Wrong Lyrics Christina is cool. And Successful Negro and that Joseph whatever guy who says funny things all proper. Hmm I kinda forgot a lot of the other ones haha...

  2. You might enjoy this, I did lol!

  3. Good luck on your english oral and congrats on your job! :)

  4. I didn't know you were Canadian too!

    That's a sweet deal for Cornell. A lot of people drown under student debt, so good for you.

    You're right, no one listens to Sinatra-like music of a young generation, except for maybe Michael Buble but he's merely repeating classics rather than making new ones.

  5. Or wait, it's because you share a border with Canada?

  6. Haha no, sorry Jay. I live on the American side near Niagara Falls. Lol I knew that sentence would confuse someone. :P

  7. That's awesome! (about the job) I think I may have been there before when I was visiting my grandparents. Cornell has one of the best financial aid programs in the country I hear, and I would be so relieved if I were you too! I love Frank Sinatra. One time my grandparents had a giant Frank Sinatra memorabilia collection like stamps and stuff, but they sold it when they moved. This will sound weird, but whenever I listen to him I feel really classy and awesome. Hahaha :P


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