Saturday, December 24, 2011

Danke Schoen, Daaarling!

My recommendation to you all: find a new music genre you thought you thought you'd never listen to, or a genre you have a vague interest in. What I said in my last post about how I like old swing music is an understatement. I adore it.

I love the quirkiness of this picture. These men infiltrate my dreams.

I never understood high school relationships. Some of the people that get together are so different it's unbelievable. I always thought relationships are supposed to be like having a best friend, but even better. These relationships in high school only exist so they can post Facebook statuses about how much they love each other, or just so they have someone to text 24/7. It makes me want to go up to them and smack 'em in the face and call them a stupid walrus.

I've been calling people that lately. Stupid walrus. Quite applicable, though perhaps slightly offensive to the insecure. I don't have the sanity to be a nice person anymore. :\

Anyway, back to relationships: the superficiality of it all drives me crazy. I know that in the unlikelihood that I am in a relationship in the next 5 years, I would want it to be like having a best buddy-kind of like Jim and Pam from the Office. Laughing endlessly and being idiotic. I want to have Friday night movie nights, watching Ratatouille and Finding Nemo one weekend, and Casablanca and It's a Wonderful Life the next. I want someone who's perfectly willing to read hours of meme online with me, and have ridiculous conversations about the functions of bleu cheese. Oh, and someone who's willing to accept my constant obsessions.

So, after listing all of the impossible requirements of my potential "suitor" and observing all these young couples who claim to have found "the one," how can you possibly not be disillusioned? Most of these people don't even seem to have much fun together. I know some people who are in these types of relationships. They get together once a week, make out till 10 PM, then go home. The rest of their time is spent showing PDA in the hallways. Please, have some fun with your life and stop making out. You'll get herpes.

(I'm actually not stupid enough to not know that you can contract herpes so easily, but some of these kids are so stupid they'd believe it if you told them.)

Then again, I'm also a hopeless unromantic. Love is stupid. I don't even like the word love. All it does is distract you. I like life how it is. I just want someone to have fun with. Notice in the paragraph where I talked about my idea of a cool relationship I didn't use love. It's more like a best friend. I don't like commitment. It's weird. I don't like allowing someone who isn't family or a boss control me. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". Nope. You can't reach me.

I also feel completely ridiculous talking about this in the first place. I'm 17. A baby. I don't know the dynamics of talking to a guy, let alone a relationship. College is more important. At least it can get me somewhere in life.

Blah. Forget this. I'm going to watch Love Actually and unintentionally choke on popcorn kernels.

Hugh Grant should be my bro. We could dance together.


  1. Anna, everything you post is genius! :] I could not agree more, heck, I'll have to write an entire blog post as a respone, people are so dumb! -_- Anyway, Merry Christmas have a wonderful day! xxx

  2. I love Love Actually and Hugh Grant's dancing = genius!

    And I second what you're saying. I couldn't think of anything more stupid than when you read 12/13 year olds saying how much they love their boy/girl friend on facebook :S

    Anyway, have a lovely christmas! :)

  3. I think most high school relationships are about lust and that's why they can't think of anything else to do or even actually like each other.

    As for you and a relationship, waiting for the right person is best and it'll happen eventually. In my opinion being in a relationship is like a tag team, neither one should really have control over the other but work together. If he is controlling like a boss then get out.

    Anyway, have a great weekend :)

  4. Trust me when I say that you'll find someone that you will LOVE and they will also be your best friend. How do I know this? Because I found it with Paul. 17 is pretty young to be worrying about it tho. It'll happen when you least expect it so just enjoy yourself!

  5. I agree completely. High school relationsips are about as shallow as they come, the vast majority of times. I think people do it just for the sake of it, you know? Not because there's some deep, meaningful connection there.

    That's why so many of them fizzle out once the buzz has worn off - it wasn't that strong in the first place.

    It's good to know that it isn't/wasn't just me who thinks/thought this, ha.

    Great read.

  6. I completely agree. I know a lot of girls who date boys who I know they aren't themselves around, because I know how they really are. I always think that's actually rather stupid, because isn't the point of a relationship to have someone who will support you no matter what? I guess when I find myself "a man" in the far off future, I just want someone who I can be absolutely, totally myself around, and he will like me for that. I just don't get what the fun is in having a relationship where you have to uncomfortably pretend to be different! Gah. Teenage girls. And guys for that matter.


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