Monday, December 19, 2011

Why I love pretty music.

I really should be doing my homework now. I have 10000 assignments that were due last week. I, uh, haven't started.

Yes, music can be pretty. Really! You know, the pretty music from movies that sometimes helps add the dramatic effect? Like when Mufasa died in the Lion King? Without the music, perhaps not so many people would cry each time at the scene. That's my theory, anyway.

Last spring I discovered this commercial, which inspired an early blog post, back when I still seriously sucked at blogging. It's embarrassing to link, and I'm too lazy to look for it anyways, so I'll summarize that I was basically ranting about how perfume commercials love to include random models for no apparent reason. I mean, you're advertising perfume, not clothing! It's nonsense.

Anyway, here's the video:

I love the video, with the exception of the model. I mean, she's quite beautiful, but her attempts to be erotic are just awkward. If it wasn't for the music, I would probably just go "eh" and forget about it forever. But the music pulled me in.

Here's the full song, which was actually taken from a Disney Nature documentary about flamingos. Armani be gettin' funkeh.

Gosh, it's so beautiful! It makes me want to leap across the beach in a wet dress and soaking hair (though I imagine I'd look more like a billy goat than a model). Now that I've provided my example, here's my main point:

(Attention! Prior to reading the next few paragraphs, it is essential that you are listening to the above song. If not, perhaps you will find what I am writing to be more abstract than your liking. If you choose not to, fine. ): )

Sometimes music makes an enormous difference in how we perceive a scene. When someone dies in a film, or we're shown a couple in love, sometimes it's the music that really brings that reaction out. Sometimes I love music like this more than music with lyrics, because this music let's me dream as much as I want. It has the effect on me that LSD had for the Beatles. It inspires me. With this music, I can build anything I want out in my head, without any lyrics to shape the fantasies that go on inside. I often wish my life could have a soundtrack like this. It'd make my life seem more beautiful.

I love my mind. It's a wonderful place. I can dream about fantastic sights and spectacular experiences that give me a reason to look forward to the future. There are specific places I've built in my head, not knowing whether they even exist. A couple years ago, I started fantasizing about this one rocky cliff on a beach that overlooks the sea in such vivid detail that sometimes I imagine I'm there. I'd love to think it's a sign that it exists.

I see life in so many beautiful layers of depth. How can someone possibly place their existence on making superficial small talk or having 400 friends on Facebook when there is so much to see, to do and to love?


Hope you enjoyed this abstract thought. It's late at night, which is when my mind starts thinking weirdly.


  1. It is a beautiful piece of music, the music is always the best part of a perfume advert!

    It's not as beautiful as yours but this is still my favourite perfume/aftershave related advert lol!

  2. That is a nice piece of music :)

    Your last question is what did it for me though. Nice point :)

  3. Music is the best part of perfume commercials, because the "story" in them usually sucks so much in general. Sex or fields or runways (I'm waiting for a company to be bold and do all three at once!)

    What, the number of Facebook friends doesn't define who you are? :p

    [Oh yeah, and I always have trouble commenting on your blog. It makes me sign into instant messaging and then displays my name as weird characters? Dunno. You should totally make your comments be one of the pop out boxes! Which you don't have to. But you still totally should.]

  4. Oh yeah, and the above comment is me, 20 Something Virgin. For me it shows up as random letters and numbers.

  5. Really? Hm..I was wondering how to fix it but wasn't quite sure how. I'm not sure why it happens. I'll try the pop-out comment thing. :)

  6. Once I read this psychological study about how certain rythmic beats within music can prompt you to feel the urge to do things like buy stuff or make something. I think a lot of thought probably goes into the background music of commercials which is, in a way, kind of funny to think about because I barely remember it.
    This is a bit random, but I'm still really happy for you about being accepted into Cornell! Which college did you apply to? Would you mind if one day I asked you a few questions about the application process?


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