Sunday, December 2, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part II

Tonight I watched it. Yeah, really. My friend downloaded it, so we bought a bunch of food and sat down to watch it. It wasn't that we like the films (or the series, for that matter); we were just extremely curious to see how the series would finish.

It was...interesting. I think what really threw us off was the bizarre battle scene they had at the end. For those who have read the book, you know that the end is annoyingly anticlimactic. I mean, the entire book is building up to this massive confrontation at the end, which never happens in the book. In the movie, there's a hypothetical battle scene, but that's never explained, so you go through it thinking the writers decided to just end the movie completely differently. It actually ends the same, though.

I'm not going to complain much more about it, because everyone already has their opinions on the series. You either like it, or you don't. It doesn't matter to me. Opinions are opinions.

(Though I will admit the baby was very creepy. Apparently they decided to make a computer baby instead of using an actual baby. A bit scary to watch.)

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  1. OH MY GOSH I LOVED IT. It was so terrible. It was beautiful. The baby. The baby!!! CGI baby. Good choice, good choice. I loved the pseudo ending, and I actually wish it was real. Except for Seth and Leah dying…that was the worst, but I so enjoyed watching Jasper get his head ripped off. I sound sadistic. But it was satisfying to watch the end actually GO SOMEWHERE. Because I mean really, there is zero plot in that book. NONE.


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