Thursday, February 9, 2012

I was so tempted...

Out of sheer boredom and for the noble pursuit of procrastination, I decided to look up how much a domain name costs. I'm not planning on getting my own domain name and not interested in taking out the ".blogspot" part of my domain name; I was just curious. I had expected the choice of .com, .org, maybe .net. I got this:

.xxx! .XXX! I'd heard they finally made it an actual TLD (what does that even stand for?) specifically for those kinds of sites, but to have that as an option?! I'll shamefully admit, I considered it for one second, just for the hilarity. Could you imagine the wonderful irony? 

As if I had $80 to spare...

Laugh all you want at my immaturity. We all have a bit of a 15 year old boy in us. Well, maybe not.

Your eyes of judgement. I CAN FEEL THEM.


  1. ;) hahahah! I never knew that they had .xxx things, hahahah! IT would be rather funny since people would be like "ooooh, artists charm, sounds sexy" and then they see your hilarious and lovely blog! :3 xxx Hope you're well! woooooooo!

  2. Hahaha, I definitely have an inner fifteen-year-old boy XD


  3. LOL! I can't be bothered with domain names either. The one I have is grand

  4. That's hilarious! Hey, if I had $80 to spare, I would definitely consider it! The disturbing thing is, I bet you would get a lot more traffic after upgrading to .xxx....

  5. Just imagine how many more people would view your site per day... and think of all the weird search queries they typed in to get them there...


  6. That's brilliant. It would be worth the money I reckon.


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