Sunday, February 19, 2012

5 actresses who would be better off...not existing?

There are some actresses that, in my opinion, ruin the art of modern acting. These "actresses" are shallow, talentless bigots who think they're more important than they really are because they starred in a few cheesy rom-coms (which are shallow to begin with) that only people as stupid as they are actually enjoyed.

Two of the major qualities that earn my respect for an actress is the choices she makes in what she performs in, and how she performs in them. Choosing stupid films that don't involve any character emotional development, a good plot, or talented writing, in my opinion, show a lot about an actress and the person she is outside of the film. Obviously, acting is important too. If an actress is entirely expressionless, I can't imagine how she could be considered talented. Then there's the excessively emotional actress who seems to think if she shows enough emotion, she'll be considered a worthy actress. Finally, there's just the girl that can't act. You remember the lead actress in the middle school production of Romeo and Juliet? The one that couldn't get anything right? Yeah, Hollywood has that too, apparently.

1. Megan Fox-Good Lord, if ever there was a more overrated woman in the world. This girl took her Transformers fame and multiplied it by 100 to achieve the size of her ego. The only reason she's even honored for that film is because of her looks she worked with talented actors and decent writing. Her acting in itself is awful. If you ever need further proof, watch Jennifer's Body. She runs on looks alone and judging by all that plastic surgery, that's run out too.

2. Kate Hudson-I'll admit, I'm a bit unfairly biased against this woman, considering she got knocked up by my favorite front man in the world (Matt Bellamy). Either way, she really doesn't have anything worthy of remembering in 50 years. She's starred in a number of rom-coms, all entirely forgettable (Bride Wars, Something Borrowed). She is not distinctive as an actress in any way. She chooses safety films (chick flicks) that don't require a great deal of talent but will provide her with a substantial income for a year or so, then repeats the cycle. She thinks that she can live off of the fact that her mom, Goldie Hawn, was a decent comedy actress of her time. She's not her mother, but a heavily watered down version of Goldie.

Oh hey guys look at my long Goldie Hawn blonde hair maybe if it's shiny enough people won't notice how utterly indistinctive and air-headed I actually am! 

3. Lea Michele-I have no respect at all for this woman. She seems to be one of the most shallow actresses of this generation. Her two major acting endeavors, Glee and New Year's Eve, I'm convinced were mostly because of her voice (which isn't eyebrow-raising, I'd say). Any emotion she attempts to show, seems forced and entirely lacking. I feel like I can read her emotional depth within 5 minutes of a Glee episode, not to mention that it seems she's doing some soul-selling just to get her name out there. When I think of a shallow actress of today, there's a reason she's the first one I think of.

4. Post-Friends Jennifer Aniston-This one might cause some protest. I'll have you know, I adore Friends and think Jennifer Aniston was perfect for her role as Rachel in the show. After the show, however, it all started to tumble downhill. Jennifer decided the only way to preserve her fame was to star in some awful chick flicks (The Break-Up, anyone?) that were so bad they left me embarrassed and horrified. I don't know if it's the enormous Hollywood fame that's gotten to her, but I don't see why she thinks that starring in as many bad movies as possible will preserve her career. She didn't do well in them at all. I have two theories: either she shone as a member of a talented group in Friends, but isn't good enough to perform equally as well as a lead in anything else, or she simply doesn't care anymore. After all, Friends has secured her for a lifetime, both in Hollywood recognition and income. She was great in Marley and Me (and pretty good in Horrible Bosses), though, which leaves me convinced she's aware her movies suck now but is too lazy to do anything better.

5. Kristen Stewart-Do I even have to elaborate? Not really, but I will anyway. She gives emotional depth to a sheet of paper. I don't know what Hollywood sees in her. Besides the Twilight series, I've seen her in The Runaways (and other films that she starred in as a young teenager), which some people claim shows a new side of her as an actress, but I disagree. She shows slight improvement in the film than in Twilight, but is still emotionally indifferent throughout. Even when she smiles, the smile doesn't go to her eyes. I remain entirely unconvinced that she is capable of showing any emotional complexity as an actress, which obviously is essential for performance in true Hollywood art. When I found out last week that she was starring in On the Road, I almost screamed. The book is so complex and profound that it requires true talented actors, and I know she won't be able to live up to those expectations in her role. Possibly one of the most overrated actresses in movie-makers eyes.

I could slap her in the face with a fish and nothing would happen.
Hollywood frustrates me.


  1. Agree agree agree. Especially with Kristen Stewart and Megan Fox. I really do not like those two. At all.

  2. Agree with Megan Fox, don't know who Lea Michelle is and while I think Jennifer Aniston is a great actress I just think her choices have been poor. Good roles don't always come. I actually think Kristen Stewart has the talent but hasn't been able to show it, and to me Kate Hudson is genuinely funny though perhaps has never taken any deep roles (which shouldn't discount her credibility in my opinion.)

  3. Ugh. I hate Jennifer and Kristen so much lol

  4. I don't understand how Kristen Stewart continues to act when she looks like she can barely move her face to show emotion. HATE her. Ugh. Of your list, she pisses me off the most.

  5. I like chick flicks too much which means I'm completely biased. The problem is I really, really like bad films eg. Bride Wars.
    I also like Jennifer Aniston a lot, but I agree with you that she has been in some really shocking films. I did love her alongside Owen Wilson in Marley and Me.
    However Megan Fox and Kristen are just..urgh.So much agreement with those two.

  6. Kristen Stewart starred in a film called "Welcome to the Rileys." And she's no more convincing playing a runaway seventeen year old stripper than she is playing a young Joan Jett. I will give her this, though, aside from the god awful hick drawl she adapted for it, I give her one thumb up for her performance in The Yellow Handkerchief. I don't know if she was really ACTING, but the part fit her emotional range (which is the size of a teaspoon, as well as the depth of a sheet of paper) to a tee. It was believable, to say the least.

    In Kate Hudson's defense: I am personally fond of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. Makes me laugh every time.

    And Jennifer Aniston...she turned in a good performance for He's Just Not That Into You. And I have my own feelings about Marley and Me which has nothing to do with the acting or quality of the script. I have issues with the movie.

    Anyway, I have no idea who Lea whatever her name is. And Megan Fox...her first role was in a Mary Kate and Ashley movie followed by a Lindsay Lohan film. That's not a career, that's a joke.

  7. My mom and I were just talking about Jennifer Aniston--the new film coming out kind-of looks like all the others (apart from He's Just Not That Into You and Marley & Me), and my mom wondered why she always chooses the same script. We both think she should try her hand at something fantasy-driven or an epic Spielberg-type film. Love Jennifer to pieces, but I would like to see her really stretch from her comfort zone.

    Kristen Stewart--When I first saw Twilight, I kept waiting for her to smile or, like you said, see the emotion stretch to her eyes. At that point, I hadn't read the book, so I just thought it was Bella's character.


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