Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I've been poisoned!

I'm not even lying in my title. I have been poisoned. A few days ago, I was pulling out weeds from underneath our pool deck, and I guess I must have pulled out a poison ivy plant. Now my right hand is covered in blisters and my right eye looks like someone punched me hard in the face 20 times because it's all swollen and blotchy and red. It's not a pretty sight. I thought about including a picture, but you all really don't want to see it. I surprised the nurse today when I went to the doctor's office when I showed her my hand.

My sister keeps insisting that because of my eye, I look like what she calls a "druggie" or someone who takes hard drugs excessively. It only adds to the embarrassment. Not to mention that I have to hide my right hand from everyone who I fear might have a sensitive stomach. And anyone who does notice stares at me like I'm some lab rat. It's annoying, yet simultaneously hilarious. I can't wait to show my friends tomorrow.

You know what I don't understand? Doctors. I don't know why they insist on measuring your height and weight each time you go to the doctor's office. My weight is not in any way involved with my blistered hand or eye. I'm sure even if I gain 45 pounds, this would not affect the blisters. I'm already annoyed about my hand, if you measure my weight and notice I've gained 5 pounds, this would not make me any happier. Ah, the joys of being a teenage girl.

On a lighter note, we've made reservations to go on vacation to Florida for TWO WEEKS at the end of August, and we're flying! Usually on our annual Florida vacations we drive, so I'm really looking forward to flying. I love airplanes and airports! Hopefully I'll be blogging at that point with pictures and fun things of the beach and Disney World. I'm quite excited.


  1. Aww I'm really jealous about your Florida vacation! And I'm so sorry to hear about your hand and eye - that really sucks! Though doctors over here don't measure your height and weight every time you see them - must be an American thing!

  2. That's too bad. My friend had the same problem when he went searching for a lost golf ball, got it all over his legs. And I don't think they do the height and weight thing here in Canada either.

  3. Awww.. poison ivy. Well, good thing you're okay now.. :)

    Whoa. A 2-week vacation in Florida!! And Disney world! Sounds like FUN!! :)

  4. LOL!! :D Pleaseee click a photo and post it here. :P

    And enjoy your trip. I must admit thet I'm a little jealous :P
    Click some pics and post more loony stuff :D


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