Thursday, July 14, 2011

12:51 is the time..

I really need to stop staying up so late.

I take "night person" to an extreme. This whole week I have stayed up till 4 AM and successfully slept in till 1 PM each day. 1 PM! I'm disgusted with myself. I hate sleeping the day away, but this week has been especially boring. I've done absolutely nothing, and have had no plans whatsoever.
Going to bed at 1 AM for me, even during the school year, is like an achievement because I usually stay awake until AT LEAST 3. 10 PM, no matter what time of year, is like 8 PM for me.

*sigh* I know I'm not
 I used to think it's just because I had so much homework during the school year that I stayed up so late, but I really just love night. It's so calm, and I love choosing what I want to do because everyone's asleep, so there's no one to tell me to clean my room (though I've done it before at 2 AM), wash the dishes, or even yell at me for sitting on the computer too long. I get everything done late at night, and do nothing during the day.

Currently it is 1:58 AM. I've decided maybe I'll go to sleep earlier tonight. Or just listen to my iPod for two hours. Whatever works. I love being a night person.

Oh, and to give you all pleasant dreams tonight (or for some of you, pleasant day-dreams because it's already morning) I'm including a picture of this gorgeous man.

This is Nick Valensi, guitarist for The Strokes (which is, like, the best band ever). He's such a cutie.


  1. It is said teenagers are "night-people", often tending to stay up longer than others and get up later than others. When I was your age I had exactly the same thing and I shared your love for the night.

    I never really got cured of this teenage-thing though. I still tend to stay up (and get up) later than is good for me!

    Ah well, just enjoy it! ;)

  2. Although I don't stay up as late as you I do get more done during the night/late evenings. I just can't function during the day lol

  3. I have always, always, always been a night person. I have memories of being 7 years old and staying up until 4AM watching Mary Kate and Ashley movies. My mom let me sometimes, because she knew why I had trouble sleeping (I had good reasons). But it never has quit. I still stay up until at least 1 or 2 in the morning anymore, and if it isn't later, it's because people have been waking me up earlier than is good for me.

    Anyway, you might be one of those who grows out of it. But I totally agree with you about the calm of the night. It's so peaceful and interruption free.

    Have a great day (or should I say night?)! And happy writing!

  4. I remember when I used to stay up all friggin' night for absolutely no reason at all. My favorite time -- When I was awake at 3 a.m. watching Bob Saget stand-up comedy on YouTube, laughing alone in my bed. That was the best night.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I've been doing nothing either, I have no plans and just waste the day away. I normally stay up till 12/1am now that I'm not at school but I love a lie in and sometimes don't get up until 12 noon!

  6. I so know what you mean!!! It's nice being up when nobody else is. During the school year I wake up at 5:00 am to read or watch TV or just chill before school. It sounds really stupid I know, like why wouldn't I just stay in bed, but I think it's a nice way to ease into the day!!

  7. Yesss. I love the night too! I love being up really, really late. Or really, really early. I love the feeling of being awake when no one else is! It's definitely really calming. I love it.

    I usually stay up late, then wake up early. Then sleep during the day, haha.

  8. Oh yes! I love the guitarist too :D and the band's awesome! :D


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