Monday, July 18, 2011

Ideal Anna

A while ago, Hazel talked about the Ideal Self, which is the person you imagine and wish yourself to be, and the Real Self, which is who you really are. The wider the gap between the Ideal and Real Self, the greater the dissatisfaction you have with yourself, which can frequently lead to depression and self-loathing.

Anyways, considering it's such an interesting topic, I thought I'd talk about my Ideal Self. Instead of comparing my Ideal Self to my Real Self though, I'll just let Dreamer Anna give you the basics on the best "me".

I'm badass. I'm the lead guitarist in a British rock band that plays at Glastonbury (yeah, yeah, laugh all you want). There is nothing I cannot play. My back doesn't seem nearly as wide as it does in real life, and I look great in that striped sweater I've been dying to buy. My style is awesome, yet I'm always comfortable; never overly girly, but always embracing my features best I can. Oh, and my thighs never look funny in skinny jeans.

I'm quite witty, and enjoy having a good time. I love life and laughter. I'm very social and never shy. I'm very artistic (I think this is what is most important to me). I can write amazing songs, from the meaningful lyrics to the music. I have an awesome music taste, and people come to me for new music suggestions. I'm confident, and try not to let criticism affect me negatively. I'm just a life-loving, happy-go-lucky person.

Oh, and I care. I care about animals, I care about the environment, I care about people. I am always willing to help anyone in need, and I fight for the issues I believe in (all of which are stated above). I will go to Africa in a heartbeat and help the people, I will work to protect the environments of endangered animals, and anything else that I feel will help the world.

What I love is that most of these qualities I already have, particularly in terms of personality. I imagined myself as the best person I could be. Even the things that I am not, I feel like I could either gain or improve on (well, maybe except for the bad-ass lead guitarist thing). The physical appearance stuff I think I could improve with just a little effort, so I'm not really stressing over that. The things I listed about personality I feel is the person I can, and will eventually become. Overall, I'm quite happy with myself!


  1. I love this post! My ideal self would love to go to Africa too! I hope that someday, the 'danger' of it and the malaria aspect won't put me off :)

  2. Aww I think it's really great that you're happy with yourself! It shows you have great self-confidence :) Something I wish I had lol!


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