Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick Complaining Time

My roommate is so weird.

She is so weird.

She comes in without a word and puts a massive stuffed panda on her head. On her head. Why? WHY?

She has 8 stuffed pandas on her bed. I counted.

Yes I like pandas. I adore certain animals, but you don't see me putting a stuffed toucan on my head.

It's just weird if you think about it. It's a weird kind of affection. Oh I love this panda so I'm going to put it on my head. It just looks odd. It looks as if she's trying to practice the art of balance.

And don't get me started on how her alarm goes off in the morning every time she goes to take a shower. I wanted to turn it off myself, but I didn't know how to shut that stupid phone up.

We're talking this huge

No just kidding. More like this.

Stuffed panda. On her head. A big bulky stuffed panda. I can't get over that.

Oh yeah, and she doesn't sleep. Always pleasant to fall asleep to the sound of her obnoxiously loud mouse clicking every freaking second.

Ugh, I better get a single next year.

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