Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beautiful 70 Degree Autumn Weather Thoughts

Today is stunning. I sat out here:

(taken on my phone)
And wrote in my journal, listening to the most beautiful music (this) and I felt more inspired than ever before. It was just the most heartwarming 15 minutes that I almost sobbed when I saw my battery dying. Without music, it wouldn't quite be the same. But anyway, I'll share an excerpt from my journal about what I was thinking during this time because I'm extremely proud of this writing.

Now I'm sitting on the Slope, watching the cars go by under the mountains, and tears well up in my eyes because the world is so flawless and I know that I'll forget that in a couple of months, when gray skies and white snow cloud my vision and the world turns black and white.

Everyone knows that eventually all songs end and the sun goes down and beauty dies, so you're left alone with a small spark of hope that sets you on fire. It feels like the most beautiful thing in the world and every fear goes away, and maybe the sun has set and the snow has started, but you stay the same. For you, it's still bright outside and the leaves are red and orange and gold and God, everything is so beautiful that you could just hug all the sad people in the world, so they'll feel it too.


  1. Oh, that's beautiful. That really is beautiful. I wish I could enjoy such views.

    I like your writing. And I can relate to it too. Sometimes the world feels flawless and you know you'll forget that eventually. But then you also know that you'll experience such moments again, and it's something to look forward for in those days when everything seems gloomy.

    Sometimes, when I'm feeling like you felt when writing this, I also feel like hugging all the sad people in the world.

    This reminds me of Birdy's song: "People".

  2. Oh wow. That view is amazing, and your writing was truly beautiful too.


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