Friday, October 19, 2012

All this and heaven too.

Things are going so well. I'm really starting to get a great group of friends. I'm having fun and laughing lots. The weather's always beautiful, even though it's autumn. The leaves are stunning. I sit on the grass on sunny days and look at the vast hills surrounding me.

I love studying at a certain coffee shop. It's a really cool place, filled with lots of artsy people and great music. I love coming down (it's in a basement) and seeing my friends there all the time.

I met a boy. He's absolutely wonderful. It feels like God just took every possible good thing and made it into a person. Every time I think about him I smile, and my friends think it's so adorable (haha). He makes me scribble "j'adore un garçon" in my French notebook. I count down the hours till I can see him again when I'm in class. Thankfully, he lives just down the hall.

I can't stop smiling, guys. It's so great.


  1. :D I'm so glad for you! This is awesome! Keep loving everything. Embrace all the moments. It sounds like you're doing that already!

    Also, A BOYYYYY XD


  2. Aww that's just adorable. First loves are amazing so enjoy it!


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