Saturday, November 26, 2011

Er...the printed word.

I told you guys last week that I got a Kindle for my birthday. Well, guess what? (What do you use after asking guess what? A question mark? An exclamation point? A period?) On Thursday, we had a huge family party with a bunch of my relatives to celebrate Thanksgiving/my birthday. Typically they all give me money, which I am more than thankful for (Ha! Get it? Thankful?), but this year my aunt and uncle got me the most unbelievable gift ever.

A Kindle Fire.

That's not my hand, obvs.

I was absolutely speechless. I sat there holding the box with my mouth in the pathetic "O" shape Taylor Swift makes when she wins yet another undeserved award. That sentence is awkward. Yeah.


Anyway, I'm ecstatic that I got such a great gift, but it got me thinking (as always). I originally asked for the regular Kindle because I wanted something as close to a book as possible, without having to carry 5 books around in my bag. Getting this Kindle is exciting also, but I think of it more as a tablet. I'll read books on this one too, of course, but having two Kindles now makes me worried. What if I completely turn away from actual books? Naturally I'm still excited about having two cool new gadgets, but when the excitement wears away will I still read printed books?

I saw these stats that said only 20% of e-book reader owners turn completely away from printed books in favor of e-books. I don't want to be a part of that 20%, so I really hope that my love for actual books won't go away.

(By the way, I really should stop adding random spurts of thoughts between sentences using parenthesis.)


  1. I asked for a Kindle for Christmas, I have the same fear you do too, but I don't think that will happen. I like the smell of books too much.

  2. Am I missing something? Coz I don't get the hype with these Kindles =/

    I don't think I'd ever prefer them over an original book lol

  3. I like real books too much to give them up, though I do see the appeal of the Kindle.

  4. I really want a kindle but then I think would I love it as much as a real book, hmm :/

    Anyway you've got two now which is cool! I loved your little sentence about Taylor Swift hehe :D


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