Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas songs confuse me.

The local radio station has been playing Christmas songs for a week. I'm confused. It goes without saying here that holiday songs start playing on the radio the day after Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is this Thursday.

I don't see any reason in playing holiday songs only a couple weeks after Halloween. Why play them on November 14, when Christmas is a month and a half away? I'm guessing it's some corporate trick to get people in the "holiday spirit," to spend more in stores earlier for Christmas gifts and get the radios more airplay.

I might sound like a bitter Scrooge, but I actually love the Christmas spirit. The majority of Christmas songs are fun to listen to, and I love all the cute Christmas decor and merchandise in stores. Not to mention the enormous 40% discount coupon from Barnes and Noble I can use to buy myself more books buy books for my friends and family.

There are five Christmas songs I can't stand, though:

Jingle Bell Rock-I guess you could argue "Mean Girls" ruined it, but I never really liked the song anyway. I'm more of a classical Christmas carol kind of person. But Lindsay Lohan shaking her ass in my face while singing that song didn't help either.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-This could potentially be the most obnoxious and whiny song I've ever heard. Sorry, I don't like kid singers.

Silent Night-Yes, feel free to kill me for this one. I've disliked this song since first grade. Way too slow and dreary. And "sleep in heavenly peace"? Isn't that death? Doesn't really work with the whole birth of baby Jesus.

Last Christmas-Why anyone would write a Christmas song about heartbreak and desperation is beyond me. It's like preaching warfare on International Peace Day.

Feliz Navidad/Merry Christmas-Now, I love the fact that there's a Christmas song coordinating both Spanish and English in popular culture, but when does it end? The answer is never. You keep switching from Spanish to English nonstop until you get bored. Or until someone punches you. Whichever comes first. Bottom line: it's annoying and repetitive.

Which songs do you hate?


  1. I hate Mariah Carey's "all I want for christmas" with a passion lol

  2. I agree on the "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus" song, that one is just stupid. But not liking "Last Christmas"? Blasphemy!

  3. Ah I love Last Christmas :D I just take them all in my stride and listen to them all haha


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