Thursday, April 25, 2013

May this semester end

A lot of people are finishing their semesters this week. I'm not. I'm finishing next week, and then I have exams. I won't get to come home until May 16th at the earliest.

My brain is fried. I can't think anymore. I had so much work due this week. So much reading, so many papers, so many presentations. Tomorrow I have a French test. It's 11 PM and I just can't get myself to study.

I also have a 6 page art history research paper due next Tuesday. I've planned some of it out, and I've been trying to get myself to write it all week. I can't. I just can't.

Why isn't this semester over yet? Why do I have a massive paper due in a class a week before the final exam? Why do I keep watching movies when I desperately need to do work?

These are the questions that plague me. Whine whine whine.

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