Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Harry Potter Weekend

So every year my dorm hosts this event called "A Night at Hogwarts". For an entire evening, we transform our castle-looking dorm into Hogwarts. We put on skits from A Very Potter Musical, everyone dresses up, and we serve Harry Potter-based foods.

This year's "Night at Hogwarts" is tomorrow! I'm super excited. I'm going as Madame Hooch. I already have a robe that fits her very well, but I'm still searching for a broom. We've made hundreds of chocolate frogs, and the entire dorm is decorated. We also have different themed rooms like the Room of Requirement, and crafts galore! It'll be fantastic.

On Saturday, we continue our celebrations by hosting an evening Yule Ball, when everyone dresses up again and we actually get well-known wrock bands to come and play. I can't remember which one is playing this year, but supposedly we've had bands like Harry and the Potters come and play in past years. It's super exciting!

Anyway, I thought you'd all appreciate knowing this. Here's a picture of last year's Harry Potter cast.

I'll post pictures of this years event! (Hopefully.)


  1. Wow! I mean, people like Harry Potter here….but Wrock is definitely not something that anyone but me knows about. I don't even think A Harry Potter Musical is even slightly "mainstream" to the students on my campus. How did you get this to happen? That's amazing.

  2. And they've been doing this for a while? I am very jealous. I WISH my school did something like that. Anything like that.

  3. What college is this? I'm tempted to transfer.



    I'm so jealous.


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