Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Decisions decisions!

I've finally decided exactly what I want to focus on in college. I've narrowed it down to three subjects: history, film, and English. I'm so happy to finally have some idea of what I'll study.  I worried that I would never know what to study, and that I'd end up choosing something I didn't like at all. There were just so many different choices! Finally, I realized that these things are exactly what I'm most passionate about.

I'm especially excited about history and English right now. I already knew I wanted to specialize in film, but these other two things I realized only recently. Next semester, I'm taking a WWII in Europe history course, two film courses (one called Global Cinema; the other American Cinema), a course on Ancient Greek culture, and I'm now trying to figure out whether I can fit a literature course into my schedule too.

I know this probably isn't very interesting to anyone else except me, but it's exciting to finally know which subjects truly interest me!

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  1. That's cool! I've decided to major in English but I'm definitely interested in journalism and history and film and communication and all that fun stuff so now I just have to pick a minor, I guess. Stressful, but exciting!


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