Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh you know, the lame vacation filler post because you're too lazy to post something good but feel guilty for being a bad blogger.

This could possibly be the most wonderfully witty true statement ever pronounced in the history of human civilization.

I have this picture saved as "Ideal Guy". Is that lame? You see, in my head there exists an unknown male which I call "The Ideal Guy". He exists in all my fantasies, particularly when I listen to love songs (or any song, for that matter). He is perfect. He has perfect style, perfect sense of humor, and perfect personality. When I saw this picture I thought of him. If you aren't creeped out by me yet, don't worry-I have an upcoming post which goes further into detail about him.

More deep thoughts: Do you ever feel like the majority of the human race is stupid? Hm..let's go deeper. Do you ever feel like 97% of people from the ages of 15-22 are extremely stupid? I do. But then I find people that belong to that other 3% (like most of the people I follow here on Blogger) that are just awesome. They show me that there are actually intelligent, witty, hilarious young people on Earth. I salute you all.

Today was fun. We stayed at the beach all day. I got to watch a hot guy surf for hours, until he stalked off very disappointed because the waves weren't exciting. I also ended up getting a really bad sunburn, so I look quite hilarious.

 And because this post couldn't possibly be more boring...

"Damn Africa, what happened?"
I'm sorry, I couldn't not include this picture.


  1. I agree with Stewie!

    And no, you're not the only person to think that way about 15-22 year olds! Though like you, I think the only decent people of that age are on blogger :)

  2. I think your 97% is pretty accurate. To be fair the teenage years are rough, so that may explain it a bit. But people who bother to do creative writing and go through the effort to make posts are usually thinking, intelligent people. Present company included :)

  3. I agree with you! Interesting read. <3

  4. Hey, I thought this was a great post! The last picture was slightly disturbing, though.


  5. I think every girl has a picture saved in her computer, called the ideal man and as you say he probably exist as a result of fantasy and those damn love songs, so it’s not wired that you have that on your computer, it’s only natural! Your have a lovely blog and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  6. oww such a cutie blog! And yeah I do feel that I'm not SO GOOD BLOGGER :P


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