Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MLIA, anyone?

So this year my school gave a select group of students in my grade laptops, because we're in all AP classes and they felt we needed them. I decided to see which websites they hadn't blocked yet and found that My Life is Average (MLIA) hasn't been blocked. I realize sometimes the stories are a bit far-fetched, but they're always good when you're stuck in AP American History and need something to laugh about during a lecture. Here are a few posts I found the past few days that really made me laugh:

Today, I was in the library. For fun I decided I should go check out the religious section. I picked up a bible and the old man next to me yells "THE MAIN CHARACTER DIES!" and wobbles away on his cane. MLIA 

Today my younger brother accused my uncle of being racist. My uncle replied calmly "I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally." MLIA 

Today, my mom told me than when I was little, I walked up to a pregnant woman and said "Tsk tsk tsk. This is what you get when you eat the watermelon seeds!" and walked away. I was an awesome little kid. MLIA. 

Today, my grandmother made snowballs and attempted to sell them to our neighbors. MLIA

Today, as I was walking out of the bathroom to my biology class, I saw some guy riding on his Heelies. As he turned, I realized it was the physics teacher. MLIA. 

Today, while my family was eating dinner over my grandparents house the phone rang. It was Vonage asking them to switch their service my grandpa politely informed the sales rep he doesn't own a phone. Somehow the man took that as a perfectly acceptable answer and apologized for bothering him. MLIA 

When I say something funny, my 3 year old brother will slap himself in the head, laugh, and say "your like a potato!!!!" I have no idea. MLIA 

Of course, all credit goes to whoever wrote these. 

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  1. Wow, I wish my school gave out laptops to AP students! Do you get to keep the laptops and take them home or are they only to be used in school?


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