Monday, January 24, 2011

Music taste?

 I should probably get used to updating more...
So I decided if I'm even going to think about talking about music occasionally, I should probably list some of my favorite bands. Oh by the way, has anyone noticed how the term "band" isn't used as frequently as it used to. Thirty years ago the music industry was made up of bands, while solo artists weren't as common to come by in the mainstream. Now it seems to be the opposite. Anyways...
This summer was really a revolution for me in terms of music. I used to be that girl that listened to Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Don't get me wrong, I still like Taylor Swift, but I fell in love with the good ol' Britpop of today, starting with the more hard prog rock Muse (GAH! how I adore them), and then progressing to bands like Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, etc. Now I don't even know how to label my genre. I would recommend these bands to anyone, with Muse obviously at the top of my list.
Oh by the way, since this is a new blog, hopefully those lost visitors who come upon my blog won't be turned off by my music taste and refuse to ever visit again. I'll spare you the pain!

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    I also love The Wombats, Ben Folds, The Fratellis, Regina Spektor, The Kooks, Dashboard Confessional, The Decemberists, Lily Allen...

    I love


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