Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It was either this or math homework. Take a guess which one I chose.

Blah, you know what bothers me? Song lyrics. You know when you find this amazing song and you think you've gotten the lyrics all figured out and they make sense and you just love them? But when you go on Google to look up the lyrics and find out THE LYRICS YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW WERE WRONG? And you throw your hands up in the air and frustratedly shout EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE!

Yeah, me too. 

I've been listening to this beautiful song by Arctic Monkeys (which sounds weird calling anything by the Arctic Monkeys beautiful, because it's basically the equivalent of calling the Incredible Hulk a big fuzzy teddy bear...yeah shut up, I know I suck at analogies) called Love is a Laserquest. The lyrics are so poetic, it's impossible not to love it. IMPOSSIBLE. Don't even argue with me. Anyways, in one part the lyrics go (in my opinion):

Now I can't think of air without thinking of you 
I doubt that comes as a surprise

Lovely, no? Well, it was, until I looked up the actual lyrics:

Now I can't think of there without thinking of you 
I doubt that comes as a surprise

Seriously?! How does that even make sense? All these websites are wrong. I don't care what anyone says. WRONG! They're better the way I imagine (and hear) them.


Anyways, you can just ignore that mini-rant above. My SAT exam on Saturday didn't go too badly, based on what I think. I don't get my results until the end of the month, but I suppose it's safe to say that if they turn out much worse than I hope, I might end up looking at community college as my option. That also means I'll have to kiss my prospective neuroscience degree goodbye. Oh wait, did I even tell you that I'm thinking of being a neuroscientist now? Doesn't that sound prestigious and impressive? Roll your eyes all you want. I'll show you (lol, I'll probably end up complaining that studying nerves is boring and switch to psychology because it's more fun).

So I'm thinking of starting something I've refused to do for a couple of years now: write. I used to write stories, and I guess they weren't too terrible (no wait, they were). I stopped though because someone stupid ended up finding something I was writing and insulted it. Having had an extremely low self-esteem at the ripe age of 14, I took that personally and stopped. I thought "if I really do suck that much, might as well quit". I'm ashamed to even call myself a writer at this point, because obviously you can tell I'm not from the quality of writing on this blog. Whatever, though.

I need writing ideas! It's been a while since I've thought of anything, so I'm dead in terms of creativity. Any ideas? I know a lot of you are fantastic writers, so try to stoop down to my inferior writing status and help me out!

...my excuse for not doing my math homework.


  1. your writing is lovely! That's why i read your blog :)
    i dont have writing ideas atm though lol, but i'll really love to read one of your stories :)

  2. Aww don't be too hard on yourself! I love the way you write, I wouldn't read your blog otherwise!

  3. Start Writing Haiku Style Poetry. You'll get many creative ideas with that 'cos you need to be in the time frame to capture it. And your brain will start thinking of every moment as a Time Frame that can be added to that one line in that Haiku. Just try it, it works.

    Keep Writing.

  4. I think the best is to write about what you like or are interested in. What kind of story would you like to read? Write that.

  5. Blogging instead of homework! Hell yes! :) Your blog background is cute btw. and how about doing nanowrimo, it will make you catch the writing bug.


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