Thursday, April 28, 2011

What do models have to do with perfume?

I've been watching TV for about 15 minutes. In this short time, I've already seen 3 designer perfume commercials-you know, the ones with the dramatic music and film effects, the stunning model with the pouty lips/ perfect figure, riding around with Prince Charming on a horse (literally). I don't understand though-are those models really necessary? Could Armani and Ralph Lauren be trying to say that if we buy their perfumes, we'll look like those models?  I'll bet with the first spray I automatically morph into an exotic 22 year old woman 4 inches taller and 30 pounds lighter than me. Or better yet, maybe I'll experience the glamourous life as the dramatic music plays while I gallop gracefully across the beach!

Wow, all this for the magical price of $80?! Oh, dear Ralph, you're too kind.


  1. those commercials are so ridiculous. actually, most ads are!

  2. LOL. I feel the same way about the happy couple commercials around Christmas and Valentine's Day.

  3. hahaha i know right! these perfume ads are so unrealistic. they focus so much on sexiness..its not like i'll morph into some bootilicious beyonce look-a-like if i buy "heat" :p


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